23 August 2012

Hallowe'en Party Cones

Hallowe'en Party Cones
Look what we made from our papier mâché cones! Danielle helped us. And it only took her a few minutes. The hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry - honest!

Made from vintage and new SilverCrow stuff, it just took a touch of glue and paper to create an old-fashioned party cone. Just fill one up with candy and wow! what a treat you have!

We glued vintage crepe paper to the outside of the cone and then added Hallowe'en festooning to the inside top of the cone. We glued some Dresdens and scraps to the front and voilà, pretty party cones!

Here's what we used:

Small Papier Mâché Cone Ornament

Vintage Orange Dennison Crepe Paper
Vintage Black Dennison Crepe Paper

Old Fashioned Hallowe'en Festooning
Dresden Flower Bursts or Halos
Vintage Die Cut & Embossed
Pumpkin Scraps
Black Cat with Bow Dresden
Nori Paste (no longer available)
 We glued the festooning to the inside of the cone, but it looks good on the outside, too. We have lots of other scraps. In fact, we have a little grab bag for Hallowe'en projects.
Hallowe'en Scraps & Dresdens Grab Bag - Vintage & New

This project is great for any season. Just change the colors and the scraps and you'll have the perfect party cone.