01 July 2012

Christmas in July

Christmas in July Booty

During the entire month of July, 2012, we're sending a scoop of this bountiful mix to each customer along with each order from SilverCrowCreations.com. We always send a bonus along with your order and this will be in addition to your bonus! Won't that be fun!?

The size of your extra loot depends on the size of your order. $100+ orders receive the matchbox in the front filled with loot, $50-$100 orders will receive the organza bag filled with loot and all other orders will get the round plastic box filled with loot.*

We hope to scoop out hundreds of these boxes and bags for you. The bin is loaded with things like beads, charms, ornament components, vintage cabochons, smashed pennies, milagros and more. There are both vintage and new pieces. There are metal and plastic and bone and glass and ceramic and other kinds of stuff. Each package is different. We thought this would be great fun for you and for us. We can't wait. We hope you can't wait, too.

*Amount not including shipping.

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