12 June 2012

Make an Old Timey Ornament Hook from Krausbouillion Crinkle Wire

For this little project, you need only a wee bit (about 1-1/2 inch) of krausbouillion old fashioned crinkle wire. We used silver because the old hooks were silver. But, you can certainly use any color you like. Black would be great for Hallowe'en trees!

There are lots of kinds of krausbouillion and other crinkle wires and tinsels. This is the one we used for the sample that we made. It's inexpensive and you get a full 1/2 ounce - that's lots! You can buy it on our website in lots of colors.
Silver Krausbouillion


  1. So THAT's how you make that thingy that was in one of my packages!!!

  2. Guess I just proved I'm not a robot after all :-)

  3. You can make all kinds of thingies from ths stuff, Squiddy!