16 November 2012

Look What Chaska Made for Christmas!

We challenged one of our favorite people/artists, Chaska Peacock, to use some of SilverCrow's products in a new and different way and wow! did she ever! It was no surprise to us, because she is super talented. We're sure you'll agree.

Links for the items she used follow her samples.

Saint Francis Ornament

Chaska created this glorious St. Francis Ornament with our Saint Francis Icon Holy Card, a golden Dresden from our Scraps Bag and our Gold Glass Glitter from Germany. Of course, she added a lot of her own fancies and touches to make it so beautiful.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Ornament
She created this stunning Our Lady of Guadalupe using a golden Dresden from our Scraps Bag Assortment and our Gold Glass Glitter.
Kitty Christmas Tree Ornament
The Kitty Christmas Tree is loaded with kitty cat charms, krausbouillion, a metal heart tag and even part of a heart shaped shrine kit.

If you love Chaska's work, just wait till you see the elegant and masterful shrines and curio boxes that she makes! Please check out her website: www.artalchemystudio.com. In fact, there is even a tutorial on her site to make the St. Francis Ornament!


Here are links to the items she used in her projects.

Saint Francis Icon Holy Card
Gold Glass Glitter from Germany
Scraps Bag
Vintage Round Magnifying Crystal
Silver Krausbouillion
Metal Heart Tag
Teensy Chubby Heart Shrine Kit (not available)
Princess Kitty Charm
Modern Cat Charm
Lounging Cat Charm
New Cat Charm

23 August 2012

Hallowe'en Party Cones

Hallowe'en Party Cones
Look what we made from our papier mâché cones! Danielle helped us. And it only took her a few minutes. The hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry - honest!

Made from vintage and new SilverCrow stuff, it just took a touch of glue and paper to create an old-fashioned party cone. Just fill one up with candy and wow! what a treat you have!

We glued vintage crepe paper to the outside of the cone and then added Hallowe'en festooning to the inside top of the cone. We glued some Dresdens and scraps to the front and voilà, pretty party cones!

Here's what we used:

Small Papier Mâché Cone Ornament

Vintage Orange Dennison Crepe Paper
Vintage Black Dennison Crepe Paper

Old Fashioned Hallowe'en Festooning
Dresden Flower Bursts or Halos
Vintage Die Cut & Embossed
Pumpkin Scraps
Black Cat with Bow Dresden
Nori Paste (no longer available)
 We glued the festooning to the inside of the cone, but it looks good on the outside, too. We have lots of other scraps. In fact, we have a little grab bag for Hallowe'en projects.
Hallowe'en Scraps & Dresdens Grab Bag - Vintage & New

This project is great for any season. Just change the colors and the scraps and you'll have the perfect party cone.

01 July 2012

Christmas in July

Christmas in July Booty

During the entire month of July, 2012, we're sending a scoop of this bountiful mix to each customer along with each order from SilverCrowCreations.com. We always send a bonus along with your order and this will be in addition to your bonus! Won't that be fun!?

The size of your extra loot depends on the size of your order. $100+ orders receive the matchbox in the front filled with loot, $50-$100 orders will receive the organza bag filled with loot and all other orders will get the round plastic box filled with loot.*

We hope to scoop out hundreds of these boxes and bags for you. The bin is loaded with things like beads, charms, ornament components, vintage cabochons, smashed pennies, milagros and more. There are both vintage and new pieces. There are metal and plastic and bone and glass and ceramic and other kinds of stuff. Each package is different. We thought this would be great fun for you and for us. We can't wait. We hope you can't wait, too.

*Amount not including shipping.

12 June 2012

Make an Old Timey Ornament Hook from Krausbouillion Crinkle Wire

For this little project, you need only a wee bit (about 1-1/2 inch) of krausbouillion old fashioned crinkle wire. We used silver because the old hooks were silver. But, you can certainly use any color you like. Black would be great for Hallowe'en trees!

There are lots of kinds of krausbouillion and other crinkle wires and tinsels. This is the one we used for the sample that we made. It's inexpensive and you get a full 1/2 ounce - that's lots! You can buy it on our website in lots of colors.
Silver Krausbouillion