25 December 2011

SilverCrow's Website is Back in Business

Yesterday (24 December 2011), Network Solutions deleted our domain name (SilverCrowCreations.com) in error. After over seven hours of discussion, they originally told us that we would not have service again until sometime next week! We found this quite distressing as this was their fault.

Their system allowed them to delete the name electronically but did not allow them to reinstate it without human intervention. While we love technology that requires humans, we were quite distraught at the prospect of losing that many days of business because our sole means of making money is through SilverCrowCreations.com!

This all started early in the morning. Around 10:00 pm EST, Network Solutions found a gracious human technology expert who fixed everything for us on the holiday. We do appreciate Don's efforts and applaud his work and his demeanor.

We hope that the company will learn from the error and be able to address such issues in the future without such intervention on our part.

SilverCrow is a very small company - just Pete & Annie and a few friends that help us out. Many of you already know that Pete is in the hospital recovering from his liver transplant (he is improving daily, by the way). So, we are grateful to have a business that allows us the flexibility to work during all kinds of hours.

With just the two of us and our friends, we are usually able to address all of our customers needs in what we hope is a timely manner. We appreciate all of our customers supporting this small family-owned and operated business through the years - since 1997!

Our telephone number is published on every page of our website and here it is, just in case you cannot find it: 724-379-4850. And you can always reach us on Facebook.

We do not support technology, but we have had many birthday and anniversary "emergencies" and hope to be able to take care of those special days for everyone.

While Pete is recovering, we're a touch slower than usual, but our great friends and neighbors, Alan, Michelle, Trish, Dave, Valerie and Tanner have been helping us stay on track!

We're thankful to Network Solutions for the help - especially to Don.

24 December 2011

Network Solutions Deleted our Domain Name in Error - Can't Reach Our Website

Network solutions deleted our domain name in error. So, you cannot reach our website at this time. They indicate that they cannot fix this until next week.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at silvercrowcreations@yahoo.com

We're sorry for the inconvenience.