03 July 2011

Michael Vick - Please Just Do the Right Thing

When our grandson, Bobby was around 9, Michael Vick was his hero. We bought all kinds of endorsed products for him. Mr. Vick appeared to be a prime candidate for a little boy's hero.

There is no need for me to explain what changed all of that.

I am appalled that his sentence was so short for such a heinous act. I am appalled at his lack of honor. I am appalled by those fans that think this is all ok.

But I am amazed at the sponsors offering him millions of dollars for endorsements. Maybe I don't understand the concepts of business. But, I cannot imagine that this makes any business sense - forget about the ethical sense.

I am an a-political person. But I am a vicious advocate of those who cannot protect themselves against arrogance and self-righteousness and disregard of life: animals, babies, the elderly and people who cannot care for themselves (either temporarily or permanently).

I have no reason to forgive Mr. Vick's acts. And, yes, I know that he has fulfilled his punishment as set by law. But, no, I don't think he is truly sorry for anything but getting caught. Please don't tell me I don't know him and that he is repentant. I'll believe that when he donates every penny of the endorsement deals to animal shelters - particularly to the ones who have spent thousands rehabilitating the dogs he harmed.

I've read on many websites that some people are as appalled as I am and that others say, "not all dog owners are upset about this." So, how do I answer this? Few people care what I have to say. But I care that I say it.

First, we don't own dogs. We are lucky to have dogs in our lives and to be able to be their caretakers as they are ours. Secondly, there is a difference between dog owners and dog lovers. Alas, we do not own each other or any other living being in this world.

As an athletic (or any other celebrity), it is the duty of the ethical human to behave in a manner that sets forth a positive model for those who may not be as talented, fortunate or intelligent. Therefore, in promoting any sort of violence such as Mr. Vick has done, he was suggesting that this is a good path for his admirers.

All he has done to change this persona has been to make public statements before and after his term in prison.

Now it is time for him to set forth a new self-righteousness - to use the new found support that he has gotten from his employers, fans and endorsement sponsors to become the man he should be. Give that money away, Michael and teach us all - including me - a lesson.


  1. Well said, and I agree with you.

  2. I agree with every word you wrote Annie! Beautiffully expressed. I am too apoplectic to write either rationally or well on this topic.

  3. It flowed from me like water...almost like automatic writing! Thanks, Cate & Anne!