08 July 2011

Be not forgetful...Part Two

Pete and I reluctantly started using Facebook & Twitter thinking that we would grow our business, SilverCrow Creations. And it has helped us. Our goal with SilverCrow has always been to remain small but to act large.

We do our own programming, accounting and everything else business-y by the rules - even in these challenging times. Sometimes we're behind, but we always manage to catch up. That's the large.

When you come to SilverCrow or to our Etsy Shoppe, we want you to feel as though you walked into a small boutique. We try to remember all of our customers and what our individual customers like and dislike. We smile when we see someone return after several years. We have one customer (who is a regular blog reader) who has been so kind - for at least 3 years, we made a mistake in almost every one of her orders! Never a complainer, she was always kind in telling us about our error! Of course, we fixed them. But that's no excuse for us! We try hard not to make mistakes, but it happens! We've finally stopped the cycle (we hope).

At one time, we tried to figure out what would sell. That was a big mistake! Now, we find what tickles us - vintage and new - and then, if we get stuck with it - at least we like it! We're just being ourselves - and so are our customers! We love the personal contact.

The social media sites have really helped us become more personal! Thinking them to be a "necessary evil," we started slowly. We don't do anything fancy - we'd have to figure out how to do that - we're too small to hire bloggers, techies and such - we're all of those and more.

But what we really didn't expect surprised us more than ever! We've met the loveliest people- new personal friends - angels who have entered our lives before we even knew it! Some were already our customers; some will never be our customers. Some are over 90, many are teenagers, and every age in between.

We've had some rough times over the last few years and we have a few more bridges to cross. We can't tell you how much easier it has been for us with the personal encouragements, the continued patronage and the sharing amongst each other - some of our customers have met through us and have made the world a small and cozy place, if only for a moment.

We've met other people who feel like relatives (I was adopted, so maybe they are family) - but we'll accept a cyber family, too!

We just wanted to say thanks and we look forward the new angels we'll meet along the way.


  1. Love you Both! And the Fur Babies too!

    Hugs, Love and a Bus!

  2. Thanks, Shell! You know of what I speak! - love you back!