14 June 2011

SilverCrow's 3rd Challenge Winners Announced! - The Secret Life of Pets (or any other Animals)!

Wow! We are excited that we had such clever and thoughtful entries in  SilverCrow's very SilverCrow's very third Challenge - Secret Lives of Pets! It was great fun to see how folks interpreted Secret. Imagination is such a glorious state!

Yet again, we had a very hard time picking winners. (We're going to try to figure out how to let everyone vote without making it too complicated - for the next challenge. - If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!)

You can find all the entries on Facebook or on SilverCrow's Website. All of the pictures and descriptions (by the artists themselves) are on our website link - as well as pictures of the prizes!

Click on any of the pictures to see all of the entries, prizes and more.

Now, drumroll, please....here are the winners:

First Prize, $30 SilverCrow Creations Gift Certificate - Bethany Royston, for her Après Mardi Gras Corneille
Second Prize, $20 SilverCrow Creations Gift Certificate - Sherry Scott for her In my Dreams I am my Real Self

Third Prize, $10 SilverCrow Creations Gift Certificate - Miff Trevor for her Magnolia (Super Model)

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