23 May 2011

Memories, Treasures, Trash & Merchandise

I made this tray in the early 1980s for my Mom. She kept it on her dresser. I decided to sell it in SilverCrow's Etsy Shoppe.

I like to be as thorough in the descriptions of what we sell - whether it be a 25¢ trinket or a $1,000 diamond ring - or anything in between. So, I started to measure it and Pete calculated the shipping charge. And, all of a sudden, this nice tray changed from my Mom's treasured keepsake into merchandise. But, that's really OK. Really.

I'm not trying to convince myself. It really is OK. We've moved and combined households so many times, that it almost feels like a hobby (almost). And during those times, we've acquired things and we've sold, donated and given away other things. Oh, yes, and we've occasionally actually discarded things. (I just can't bring my self to say, "thrown away.") This makes way for the treasure trashers to discover things before the garbage truck makes a clean sweep. I just love it when things disappear and become part of someone else's life.

I've been a treasure trasher most of my life. I've found antique windows, beds, chairs and more. With a little work they become full of life again. In fact, Pete's stool was commandeered back in the 1990s in Squirrel Hill late one evening. But, I digress...
When I created this needlework for my Mom, it was originally meant to be for the wall. But, there was really nowhere to hang it. So a friend of mine made the tray. My Mom loved the pattern because, at the time, I lived in the Allegheny West section of Pittsburgh (part of the North Side/North Shore) - in a Victorian townhouse that had been renovated into apartments. It was a great apartment and my Mom loved it as much as I did. My Dad always just wanted me to move back home, but he was supportive.

This tray has great karma associated with it. I'd love for someone to treasure it as my Mom had.

I would love to keep it, but we're running out of room. And, rather than keep things I made for my Mom, I'm keeping the things she made for me.

If you'd like to know more about the tray, you can find it in our Etsy Shoppe.


  1. [hugs] and I hope someone does love it as much as your mom did. I'm sure they will.

  2. Bonjour!
    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog:)
    Love this needlework tray, but I'm like you: I already have too many things and one must learn to stop collecting eventually. 8,000+ French postcards -- but that's for business (at least, that's my excuse:)
    aka FrenchKissed