20 April 2011

SilverCrow's Second Challenge Winners Announced: Magical Creatures

Wow! We are excited that we had so many clever and beautiful entries in  SilverCrow's very second Challenge - Magical Creatures! It was great fun to see how folks interpreted Magical and Creatures.

Yet again, we had a very hard time picking winners.

In fact, we even had a bit of an argument (aka, discussion) regarding one of the winning entries. It was supposed to be in Altered Art, but several of our voters thought it was a card, so the others gave in and we moved it to the Paper category.

You can find all the entries on Facebook.

Click on any of the pictures to see all of the entries, prizes and more.

Now, drumroll, please....here are the winners:

First Prize: Bethany Royston
Fairy Catcher Bracelet

Second Prize: Nancy Jo Leachman
Cameo Fairy Necklace

First Prize: Anne Davis
(Dead) Fairy Tree with Angel

Second Prize: Theresa Smythe
Sailor Duck

This was our toughest category because several of our voters (we had a bunch this time) thought that our second place winning entry was a card, not a slide mailer. Eventually, in the spirit of cooperation, we all decided it could be a card.
First Prize: Cate Amador
Angel Cat Card

Second Prize: Shirley Galbraith
Fairy Slide
Click on any of the pictures for more details about all of the entries. There are so many wonderful ideas and details. Everyone of us was delighted.

We sent our new Digital Magical Creatures Collage Sheet to everyone who entered - that way everyone's a winner.

Please let us know what you think of everything. And give us some ideas for the next challenge, please!

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  1. Congratulations everybody, and thank you, Annie and Pete!