23 March 2011

SilverCrow Shrine Challenge Winners Announced - Finally

We are absolutely delighted that we had so many wonderful entries in SilverCrow's very first Challenge - Shrines!

We had such a hard time picking the winners, that we had to have three rounds of voting.

Each of us got three votes per category (large & small). We added up all the votes and whichever had the most, won. But, we had to do several rounds, becuase we all liked different ones. Ballots were secret, so no one influenced anyone else (we hope!) - and all votes were equal. Pete & Annie, of course, were among the judges, as were Valerie (our cousin) and Tanner (our pseudo-son), both of whom help out around here - you've seen lots of their handiwork for sale on our website!

You can find all the entries on Facebook.

Click on any of the pictures to see all of the entries, prizes and more.

Now, drumroll, please....here are the winners:

People made the small shrines out of everything from shells to tins to matchboxes and more.
First Prize - Small Shrine
Anne Squire - In Honor of Japan
Prize: SilverCrow's Brand New Shrine Kit

Second Prize Small Shrine
Sherry Scott - Requerdo de la Casa de Dana
Prize: SilverCrow's Jumbo Ephemera

Larger shrines were in the form of a real guitar, a voodoo queen, cigar boxes,...
First Prize Large Shrine
Jessie Thomas - Crow Evolution
Prize: SilverCrow's Brand New Shrine Kit

Second Prize Large Shrine
Cate Amador - El Amor es Eterno
Prize: SilverCrow's Jumbo Ephemera

We really didn't expect to offer a special prize, but we got so many comments on Facebook, Twitter & through email (and even from our family & friends who usually don't participate) about the next shrine, that we thought it deserved a special mention - and a special prize.
Special Prize - Unplanned
Bethany Royston - "Ode to Charlie"
Prize: SilverCrow's Serenity Necklace

Click on any of the pictures for more details about all of the shrines entered. There are so many wonderful ideas and details. Everyone of us was delighted. And, no kidding, there were votes for each and every shrine in both categories - that's why we had three rounds!

We sent our new Digital Shrine Collage Sheet to everyone who entered - that way everyone's a winner.

Please let us know what you think of everything. And give us some ideas for the next challenge, please!


  1. YAY! A huge congratulations to the winners and for EVERYONE on a job well done!

    And a special round of applause is in order for the hosts AND the judges of this contest. Bravo!!

    What a joy to see all that talent and imagination.

    Catt Alexander

  2. Thank you, Annie. It was great to see so many shrines. I look forward to another contest in the future.

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  4. Oh, wonderful! Congratulations to the winners, and all the entries were great!

  5. Thank you thank you for the opportunity to participate. I couldn't have picked just one to win, but I'm bouncing around in slightly bewildered ecstasy: among so many wonderful shrines, mine made it to the top of the heap - must be High Tide in Donora? Thank you Pacific Plate for providing the Inspiration - just don't do it again too soon.
    Anne S

  6. WOW! I never expected to win and am so grateful and encouraged. I have enjoyed so much seeing everybody's work and hope that we can keep sharing. Thanks so much!

  7. A huge THANK YOU (yes, shouting from the treetops) - your excellent Shrine Kit Prize for my Tsunami Shrine arrived today, and what a lot you've packed into it. Several ideas are germinating already. Looking forward to your next challenge now. Thanks too to everyone else, I learned so much from looking at your shrines, doubtless some ideas you've sparked will come to fruition here too.
    I'm not really anonymous, just haven't ever tried to post comments anywhere, so don't understand the Profile options. Yet.

    Anne S