03 March 2011

Make Your Own Camera - with a Kit - or Not

Our Pin-Hole Camera Kit is a blast! It's fun and easy to make. But, guess what, you can make one without a kit - thanks to Kodak

When I was just a little kid, back in the 1950s, my Dad and I made a pin hole camera - a lot like this one. Of course, it wasn't half as elegant as this. But, I was amazed at my Dad's magical ways - and he never ceased to continue to teach and amaze me throughout his 91-year life!

Now you can have the same fun with your kids, your friends or just amaze yourself with this dandy Pin-Hole Camera and Solargraphy Kit.

We've seen kits like these for upwards of $25.00, so this is even more special as bargain fun.

Pinhole cameras do not have optical lenses. The film is exposed by light through a tiny hole in front of the camera. Because there is no lens, the image will be in focus at all distances.

You'll take your best photographs on bright days. Be sure to hold the camera very still when you are shooting, or place it on a solid surface. The exposure times range from 5 seconds to hours and sometimes days!

Assembly takes about 1 hour. You won't need a knife or scissors. Your finished camera will be made of sturdy black cardstock (in the package). Of course, the instructions to build your camera are included, with illustrations.

The standard 35mm film you need to take photos is not included. Preferably, you should buy ISO200.

Technical Specifications
Film Type: Aperture 0.16mm.
Focal Length: 20mm.
F Stop: F/130.

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