23 March 2011

SilverCrow Shrine Challenge Winners Announced - Finally

We are absolutely delighted that we had so many wonderful entries in SilverCrow's very first Challenge - Shrines!

We had such a hard time picking the winners, that we had to have three rounds of voting.

Each of us got three votes per category (large & small). We added up all the votes and whichever had the most, won. But, we had to do several rounds, becuase we all liked different ones. Ballots were secret, so no one influenced anyone else (we hope!) - and all votes were equal. Pete & Annie, of course, were among the judges, as were Valerie (our cousin) and Tanner (our pseudo-son), both of whom help out around here - you've seen lots of their handiwork for sale on our website!

You can find all the entries on Facebook.

Click on any of the pictures to see all of the entries, prizes and more.

Now, drumroll, please....here are the winners:

People made the small shrines out of everything from shells to tins to matchboxes and more.
First Prize - Small Shrine
Anne Squire - In Honor of Japan
Prize: SilverCrow's Brand New Shrine Kit

Second Prize Small Shrine
Sherry Scott - Requerdo de la Casa de Dana
Prize: SilverCrow's Jumbo Ephemera

Larger shrines were in the form of a real guitar, a voodoo queen, cigar boxes,...
First Prize Large Shrine
Jessie Thomas - Crow Evolution
Prize: SilverCrow's Brand New Shrine Kit

Second Prize Large Shrine
Cate Amador - El Amor es Eterno
Prize: SilverCrow's Jumbo Ephemera

We really didn't expect to offer a special prize, but we got so many comments on Facebook, Twitter & through email (and even from our family & friends who usually don't participate) about the next shrine, that we thought it deserved a special mention - and a special prize.
Special Prize - Unplanned
Bethany Royston - "Ode to Charlie"
Prize: SilverCrow's Serenity Necklace

Click on any of the pictures for more details about all of the shrines entered. There are so many wonderful ideas and details. Everyone of us was delighted. And, no kidding, there were votes for each and every shrine in both categories - that's why we had three rounds!

We sent our new Digital Shrine Collage Sheet to everyone who entered - that way everyone's a winner.

Please let us know what you think of everything. And give us some ideas for the next challenge, please!

16 March 2011

SilverCrow Shrine Challenge - Going Strong

We're so delighted that we've gotten a bunch of entries for SilverCrow's Shrine Challenge. We'll post all the pictures here at the end of the challenge. In the meantime, you can see them in our Facebook Gallery - don't worry, you don't have to join Facebook to see them!

Everyone who enters, wins - our new Shrine Digital Collage Sheet - a $3.50 value!
We've been having fun with our sample products making some quick and easy shrines here at SilverCrow's atelier.

Tanner, a young man who helps us out occasionally made this shrine to (or against) cigarettes. We adore the little vintage ashtray charm and the cigarette he made. We couldn't get a great picture of it, but he used red paint and black glass glitter to make the burning end - with smoke behind it.

Here's an earlier one he made with one of our Teensy Shrine Kits from Coffee Break Design (no longer available).
And here's a little one that Valerie made with another of Coffee Break's Teensy Shrine Kits (no longer available) and our Little People.

So, there's still time to enter. You can find all the info here - including prizes and deadlines!

07 March 2011

SilverCrow Shrine Challenge

What to Make
Shrines! Any size - big, small, tiny, jewelry! Use a nicho, a box or build your own!

Large Shrines (over 4 inches high) and Small Shrines (4 inches high or smaller).

What to Use
Use at least one SilverCrow Creations product - old or new - from Etsy or our website. No purchase necessary - just as long as we sell the product - you don't even have to buy it from us.

How to Enter
Post a picture on SilverCrow's Facebook page or email us. Just be sure to tell us where the picture is so we can find it. Maximum 2 entries per category. Please make sure that you tell us which challenge you're entering and the dimensions of your shrine. It's hard to tell size from a photograph! And, be sure to let us know which of our products you used in your shrine.

March 21, 2011

Entry Gift
Everyone who enters will receive a free digital collage sheet with shrine related images via email. Of course, we'll need your email address and of course the download will be large enough for you to use. If you're already a customer, we probably have your email address. If not, please email it to us. If we can't find you, we'll let you know via our blog, Omar's Features on SilverCrowCreations.com and on Facebook.

Entry Gift - Digital Collage Sheet
First Prize in each category is the Brand New SilverCrow Shrine Kit! Second prize is a Jumbo Ephemera Collection.
SilverCrow's Jumbo Ephemera Package
Representative Sample - Each one Different (of course)
Our New Shrine Kit
Fine Print
By entering the contest, you allow us to post your photographs and your first name or pseudonym online and in print.

03 March 2011

Make Your Own Camera - with a Kit - or Not

Our Pin-Hole Camera Kit is a blast! It's fun and easy to make. But, guess what, you can make one without a kit - thanks to Kodak

When I was just a little kid, back in the 1950s, my Dad and I made a pin hole camera - a lot like this one. Of course, it wasn't half as elegant as this. But, I was amazed at my Dad's magical ways - and he never ceased to continue to teach and amaze me throughout his 91-year life!

Now you can have the same fun with your kids, your friends or just amaze yourself with this dandy Pin-Hole Camera and Solargraphy Kit.

We've seen kits like these for upwards of $25.00, so this is even more special as bargain fun.

Pinhole cameras do not have optical lenses. The film is exposed by light through a tiny hole in front of the camera. Because there is no lens, the image will be in focus at all distances.

You'll take your best photographs on bright days. Be sure to hold the camera very still when you are shooting, or place it on a solid surface. The exposure times range from 5 seconds to hours and sometimes days!

Assembly takes about 1 hour. You won't need a knife or scissors. Your finished camera will be made of sturdy black cardstock (in the package). Of course, the instructions to build your camera are included, with illustrations.

The standard 35mm film you need to take photos is not included. Preferably, you should buy ISO200.

Technical Specifications
Film Type: Aperture 0.16mm.
Focal Length: 20mm.
F Stop: F/130.

01 March 2011

SilverCrow's Staplers on the Martha Stewart Show

Zenith 548e Stapler

Martha Stewart is kicking off National Craft Month starting tomorrow on her show on the Hallmark Channel. She'll be showing How-Tos for experts and novices. But, best of all, she'll be showing the must-have tools for crafters. The secret is out - and we're delighted. She'll be featuring her favorite stapler, the Italian Zenith 548e all metal plier-style stapler. Our supplier, the family company (Balma Capoduri & C. s.p.a.) that makes the Zenith, participated generously in making this happen.

Zenith 590 Fun Stapler
Now, our favorite stapler is the Zenith 590. We think it's easy to load and lighter weight. We have used the 590 staplers every day since we started selling them! We're hooked.

Please watch the show on the Hallmark Channel - check Omar's Features for broadcast times - and a bit of a savings for you, too!