08 February 2011

Reorganizing and Rearranging - Save 20% in SilverCrow's Etsy Store - Hurry Before It Ends! Ending 2/15/11

I just spent the last two hours rearranging our Etsy Shop. It's so hard to decide what the Sections should be named because Etsy only allows 10 sections and only 24 characters for the name.

If you're familiar with SilverCrow, either through Etsy or on our website, then you know we hate being limited by anything! And, only 24 characters - wow - our personal names are longer than that! So, we thought we'd entice you to browse with a nice discount of 20% - on all our Etsy items. Just use the Coupon Code REORG when you check out. This coupon is for our Etsy store only. This coupon expires 2/15/2011.

Originally we had listed all of our vintage stuff and ephemera - in one giant category. We still have a lot of unclassified vintage stuff. Now it is all in the Vintage/Nowhere Else section. Look for just about anything here: vintage dolls, trays, souvenirs (our favorites) and some very strange things that just don't fit anywhere else.

Now we've moved the ephemera, paper (new and old) and stickers all together in a new section called Ephemera/Paper/Stickers. Look for vintage and new scraps and die cuts, artistamps, pockets, stickers, vintage seals and more there. There are lots of one-of-a-kinds as well as some sets combining favorites from the SilverCrow website into packages - like our Vintage Scrap Krampus Pack (no longer available).

The biggest change involves our religious medals and shrine supplies. They were all over the place - vintage, shrine supplies, jewelry components, paper. We've put all of the Shrine/Religious Supply stuff together now - and we have tons more to add in this section over the next few weeks - lots of special vintage items and some new kits for making your own shrines, along with our classic kits and shrine supplies.

Our Jewelry Vintage and New section now includes vintage pieces as well as our own exclusive designs. Shoe clips, bracelets, rings, pins in all price ranges. We have lots more that we haven't even inspected yet!

Artwork/Needlework/Etc includes things we made as well as vintage artwork, needlework and the like. We even made some of the vintage items. And, used some vintage items in the artwork.

Fans of tiny stuff will love our Little People and Things. We have to follow the Etsy rules, so we can't sell all of our little items via Etsy. But, you'll find a few. The rest are available on SilverCrow's website. Miniature items (for dollhouses and dioramas) are not allowed on the Etsy site unless they are totally handmade by the seller. Rest assured, there are tons more tiny things on their way.

We started SilverCrow back in 1997 making rubber stamps. Our collection of images is in the thousands! We offer some special images on Etsy along with grab bags and specialty stamps from other companies in our Rubber Stamps section. Sometimes we list the stamps as mounted on hardwood. Other stamps are listed as unmounted. If you want one the other way, just let us know, we'll set it up for you. There are some bargain stamps, too.

All kinds of kits, tools, brushes, J.Herbin inks from France, buttons, cones, papier mâché magic wands, matchboxes, coffin boxes, Zenith Italian staplers & staple removers and the like are in our All Kinds of Supplies section. There are vintage items, exclusive items. There are shadow boxes and sometimes even some seconds - broken pieces perfect for altering - these are scooped up so quickly - always surprising us.

Charms, beads, flat backs, cabochons - old and new are in our Jewelry Components section. Sterling silver, Bakelite, plastic, glass - we love them all. Some are ours exclusively. Others are from points around the globe.

Our newest section features Vintage Vinyl LP Record Albums. We have been selling these on eBay and Ruby Lane, but decided to move over to Etsy for awhile. Some are in marvelous shape - especially the jazz albums. Others are great for the graphics or for repurposing. Some were our own that were doubles. Others are from collections or the estates of friends and family. There are even some strange sound effects albums.

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  1. Silver Crow has the most amazing stuff. It's so fun to browse through it all.