25 February 2011

How William Shatner Influences SilverCrow

I can't tell you when I first became a William Shatner fan.

I thought it might have been the Twilight Zone episode Nick of Time in 1960. He and his new bride were in a small town and were trapped by a fortune telling machine in the local diner.

Anyone who knows SilverCrow, knows how we love fortune tellers, old and new. In fact, this episode inspired a couple of our ephemera products: our Vintage Fortune Slips from a machine something like the one in the movie. And then there are our Vintage Fortune Tickets. Even our Devil Maraca looks like the head on the machine in the show.

And now we've discovered that he has been a huge part of our television viewing and movie going since the 1960s - including 77 Sunset Strip, The Defenders, The Virginian and of course, Star Trek and Boston Legal. There are so many more shows and episodes in between, too!

Over the last few years, I have convinced Pete of the talented Mr. Shatner's genius. Not only is he a fine actor, but he is funny, he's a musician, and he's astute at marketing (products and himself), and among the most incisive interviewers of all time - getting right to the heart of the matter - because he cares and he knows a lot about a lot. Just watch an episode or two of Shatner's Raw Nerve if you don't believe us!

So, when we look back, we both have realized just how much William Shatner has influenced both of us - especially our imaginations and our willingness to try anything.

SilverCrow's William Shatner Postcard


  1. Good goddess, he looks so young in that first picture!

    Reports I've heard from SF conventions say that he's also a very nice guy and courteous to his fans.

  2. I loved that Twighlight Zone episode! Shatner is an amazing talent. He asks the best questions in his Raw Nerve show and really is open and caring.

  3. Me, too, I LOVED that Twilight Zone episode. The last time they ran the marathon on the Sci Fi channel this episode played.
    Shatner was HOT!!!

  4. He was so handsome Great blog post!