04 January 2011

Special Gift Certificate & Bonus Give-Away

Special Gift Certificate & Bonus Give-Away
Our Christmas Sale & Giveaway was great fun! Every year in December, we send Mystery Gift Certificates with each order and a special Christmas Bonus (which includes the MGC) during the sale days. Mystery Gift Certificates are valued from $1 to $150 and lots in between.

So, rather than throw them away, we thought we'd have a give-away! There are 3 Bonuses (including a necklace or ornament and some other holiday goodies) and 7 Gift Certificates (10 possibilities)!

Here's all you have to to to be entered for the give-away. Just do any of the following. If you do all 5, we'll give you 5 entries. But you have to tell us you did it by posting a comment here on this blog entry!
  • Follow our Blog.
  • Follow us on Twitter (& retweet) this.
  • Like SilverCrow Creations on Facebook and comment on the SilverCrow Creations Page so that we know that you did it.
  • Re-Post this whole post on your Facebook page by clicking SHARE.
  • Sign up for SilverCrow's Mailing List
The winners will be chosen randomly on Friday morning, January 7, 2011. If you win, we'll need you to send your address to us privately (so that everyone doesn't know it). Good luck!

If you're already on one of our lists and follow us on FB or Twitter, just tell us - like some folks below! We'll count each one as a chance! Thanks!


  1. I don't do Facebook, nor do I Twitter (and I prefer to avoid both for reasons of security, not to mention time), I've been on your mailing list for a good long while and I already follow this blog. So I'll just comment here and cross my fingers. :)

  2. Sarah Myers04 January, 2011

    I've done all but Twitter! Sarah Myers

  3. OK, how is it that I couldn't find you on facebook last time I looked?! (Musta been a 'senior' moment, or some other non-politically correct moment!) Anyhoo-
    1) I've liked you on fb now!
    2) I've 'shared' this on fb.
    3) I follow your blog (obviously! I'm here aren't I?)
    4) I'm already on your email list.

    So that only leaves twitter, and I don't have a cell phone (!!!! really, I don't!!) so I don't do that!

    Thanks, Melody B.

  4. I'm now doing everything except the mailing list! :D Thanks for this give-away! :D

  5. I have been on the mailing list for awhile, I follow you on facebook but dont tweet. I totally love you guys, keep up the good work.

  6. First off, thanks for doing this contest - your products are wonderful! I did the following:

    1) I "liked" you on fb and posted a comment
    2) I've 'shared' this on fb.
    3) I now follow your blog (Laughter and Lemondrops is me)
    4) and I signed up to be on your email list.

    I don't "tweet" on twitter...thanks!!!

    Caroline Sherman

  7. Ok, I've done all 5 things. Hope I win, I love you guys!