16 January 2011

Nothing But Good - National Nothing Day

Holidays of any sort are cause for celebration here at SilverCrow. We laughed out loud at this special one - National Nothing Day - January 16 every year. And, then we thought...

Although this special day is officially honored in the USA, we thought it really should be celebrated worldwide. Maybe by celebrating nothing, there would be nothing but peace - and hopefully, peace of mind for us all.

We're pretty sure that people would not choose to fight for nothing. And, certainly, they would not want to die for nothing. Maybe there would be no arguments - with nothing to argue about.

Because many people like to celebrate with others, this special moment in time would be just right for a community of friends and foes to say nothing bad about each other. And to do nothing to harm each other.

Of course the world is full of opposites, so, with the very little control that we have, we're going to try to do something to make sure nothing but good happens today.

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