18 January 2011

Learning from Our Mistake

A lovely woman from Washington state just called us. It seems that we made a mistake on her order. She received a vintage red honeycomb ball and she had ordered this precious green honeycomb birdie.

Lovely she was because she felt terrible that we had made the error. She patiently held the line while we determined if we had any more birds. Our vintage items fly out the doors sometimes. Luckily, we still had a few little birds!

Our customer's childhood tree held such a bird - only it was yellow. When she lost her Mom, the little bird was one of the items she chose when dividing things amongst the family. So, when she saw this one, she was delighted!

And, then we sent her the wrong thing.

Were we ever excited that there were a few left! We're sending it out to her today, so she'll have it to keep the little yellow bird company.

Of course, we hate to make mistakes. And, when we do we'll make them as right as we can as quickly as we can.

We love to learn from our customers' life stories. How small the world is. How lovely people are. And, how a little bird engenders such big memories.

So, we thank Linda for hers and for her patience with our error and for sharing her story. She made our day.

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