31 January 2011

Sister Cuervo Disappeared - Shell Wins

We're sorry, Sister Cuervo! Because we didn't receive your physical address, Shell wins!

26 January 2011

Sister Cuervo Where Are You?

Sister Cuervo is our last winner. If we don't hear from her by Friday with her mailing address (we won't publish it), then Shell is next. We can't publish Shell's comment because she gave us her mailing address in it...

We never thought it would be this hard to give away gift certificates!!

25 January 2011

Only one more gift certificate! Thanks everyone for responding.

SisterCuervo is the last winner. If we don't hear from SisterCuervo (need your physical address via comment here (we won't publish your address) or email or Facebook or Twitter Private Message), then Shell is the backup. Don't worry, Shell, we have a consolation prize!

24 January 2011

Still Two Outstanding Gift Certificates

There are still two unclaimed Mystery Gift Certificates! We tried as hard as we could to get in touch with the folks, but, they never answered. So, here's the deal! The first two people to post a comment on this blog article will get them! Remember, we'll need your real address so that we can mail them via the USPS. The coupon might have a value of any amount from $1.00 through $150.00 - we don't know either - each one is sealed.

For complete details, check our other blog article about them (Original Give-Away Announcement).

18 January 2011

Learning from Our Mistake

A lovely woman from Washington state just called us. It seems that we made a mistake on her order. She received a vintage red honeycomb ball and she had ordered this precious green honeycomb birdie.

Lovely she was because she felt terrible that we had made the error. She patiently held the line while we determined if we had any more birds. Our vintage items fly out the doors sometimes. Luckily, we still had a few little birds!

Our customer's childhood tree held such a bird - only it was yellow. When she lost her Mom, the little bird was one of the items she chose when dividing things amongst the family. So, when she saw this one, she was delighted!

And, then we sent her the wrong thing.

Were we ever excited that there were a few left! We're sending it out to her today, so she'll have it to keep the little yellow bird company.

Of course, we hate to make mistakes. And, when we do we'll make them as right as we can as quickly as we can.

We love to learn from our customers' life stories. How small the world is. How lovely people are. And, how a little bird engenders such big memories.

So, we thank Linda for hers and for her patience with our error and for sharing her story. She made our day.

16 January 2011

Nothing But Good - National Nothing Day

Holidays of any sort are cause for celebration here at SilverCrow. We laughed out loud at this special one - National Nothing Day - January 16 every year. And, then we thought...

Although this special day is officially honored in the USA, we thought it really should be celebrated worldwide. Maybe by celebrating nothing, there would be nothing but peace - and hopefully, peace of mind for us all.

We're pretty sure that people would not choose to fight for nothing. And, certainly, they would not want to die for nothing. Maybe there would be no arguments - with nothing to argue about.

Because many people like to celebrate with others, this special moment in time would be just right for a community of friends and foes to say nothing bad about each other. And to do nothing to harm each other.

Of course the world is full of opposites, so, with the very little control that we have, we're going to try to do something to make sure nothing but good happens today.

07 January 2011

Winners of SilverCrow Contest/Give-Away Announced!

Our contest/giveaway for the extra Mystery Gift Certificates & Winter Bonus was quite a success. We had over 100 entries! But, most people didn't follow the rules - that's ok, we're flexible. But, everyone who did follow the rules won something! Yay! We put all of the names (multiple times for those who did more than one thing) in a bag and pulled out the first 10. It's a good thing there weren't duplicates for winners because we forgot to write a rule about that!

Congratulations to Anne D., Sarah Myers, & Starla who won the Winter Boneuses. And, congratulations to Melody B, Mel, Caroline Sherman, Liz Petro, Beth Steier, Pink Flamingo & Sarah West who won the Mystery Gift Certificates. We hope you all won really high certificates - they're a mystery to us, too, so we don't know!

We have almost everyone's address, because some of the winners are customers already. But, we'd like every winner to send contact us with the address we should use for you! You can do that by posting a message on this blog (don't worry, we won't publish it), or a private message in Facebook, or an email.

Have fun!

04 January 2011

Special Gift Certificate & Bonus Give-Away

Special Gift Certificate & Bonus Give-Away
Our Christmas Sale & Giveaway was great fun! Every year in December, we send Mystery Gift Certificates with each order and a special Christmas Bonus (which includes the MGC) during the sale days. Mystery Gift Certificates are valued from $1 to $150 and lots in between.

So, rather than throw them away, we thought we'd have a give-away! There are 3 Bonuses (including a necklace or ornament and some other holiday goodies) and 7 Gift Certificates (10 possibilities)!

Here's all you have to to to be entered for the give-away. Just do any of the following. If you do all 5, we'll give you 5 entries. But you have to tell us you did it by posting a comment here on this blog entry!
  • Follow our Blog.
  • Follow us on Twitter (& retweet) this.
  • Like SilverCrow Creations on Facebook and comment on the SilverCrow Creations Page so that we know that you did it.
  • Re-Post this whole post on your Facebook page by clicking SHARE.
  • Sign up for SilverCrow's Mailing List
The winners will be chosen randomly on Friday morning, January 7, 2011. If you win, we'll need you to send your address to us privately (so that everyone doesn't know it). Good luck!

If you're already on one of our lists and follow us on FB or Twitter, just tell us - like some folks below! We'll count each one as a chance! Thanks!

01 January 2011

Big Bucks to Earn
Tell a friend about SilverCrow and earn some SilverCrow Bucks!

Just direct your friend to our website: http://www.SilverCrowCreations.com - and if s/he is a brand new customer AND places an order, we'll send you a SilverCrow Gift Certificate for US$5.00. And, we'll send your friend a special extra bonus!

Just tell your friend to tell us your name in the COMMENTS when s/he checks out.

We'll email you the gift certificate when we process your friend's order. Get a gift certificate for every friend you send! Remember, you can use multiple gift certificates on one order and you can still use a discount code, too!