13 December 2010

Star Search

Plastic Nativity Sets (No Longer Available)
I just got a new computer - how wonderfully fast it is. It came with Windows 7. I was excited about that because of all the My Windows - My Idea commercials.

OK, so it took some practice - after so many years on XP. And, then I was looking for a picture of a product that I wanted to sell on our SilverCrow website: Vintage Plastic Nativities. I knew the picture's file name had the words


in it, but I just couldn't remember the name. So I searched for PLASTIC in my pictures. The only pictures that surfaced had names like this:

Charm Plastic Fish

Alas, I was told in the documentation and by Dell (the manufacturer) and even by a $59 phone call to Microsoft**, that the only files that could be found must have PLASTIC at the beginning of the name or after a space or hyphen (-) or another separator. I was told that this was an improvement to previous searches.

My 5-year old beat-up PC with XP could find my file in a second. I felt betrayed.

While I was on hold with Microsoft, I thought I'd try something from my old mainframe days (yes, I'm that old). So, I typed in the search box:


It worked! My search found every file on my computer with PLASTIC in it!

So, if you want to find everything, use a STAR SEARCH - the asterisk, or star(*) and then your search string.
**Microsoft did not charge me the $59 after all as I solved my own problem while they were researching an answer! And, the search does now look inside text files, word documents and emails, among others.

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