21 December 2010

Last Minute Crochet Flower Scarf Necklace - Free Pattern

I saw my first one on Etsy and then more at Macy's. They were a bit pricey - so I thought I'd try to make one myself. If you can already crochet, these are pretty easy to make. If you can't crochet yet, it just might be worth learning how, just to make one.

I was able to complete one in an evening - about 2 hours while watching television - as long as the dogs and kitty left the yarn alone. 

Use scraps of worsted weight or sport-weight yarn and a size G crochet hook. I only seemed to need a ball as big as a fist - and didn't use it all - I didn't really measure it.

There is no right or wrong when making this fun accessory, so don't worry about your work's gauge - just try to keep it consistent.

The whole thing is done in one long piece. You don't have to sew the motifs together and that means you only have to weave in the beginning strand and the end one! Hallelujah! 

Start and end with a flower motif. Make it as long as you like and as many motifs as you like. We made 10 motifs about 10 inches apart.

Ch5 join with Sl St creating a circle.

Round 1: (SC, Ch5) 5 times. SC. You should have 5 loops. Join to first SC with Sl St.
Round 2: (SC, HDC, 3DC, HDC, SC) in each loop (5 petals). Join to first SC with Sl St.

Round1 : Ch50 (for a shorter connector, just chain fewer stitches). Sl st in 5th chain from hook, creating a circle.

Repeat Motif-Connector-Motif until your scarf necklace is as long as you want it to be. Fasten off. Sew or weave in the two end threads.

Ch = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
JT = Join Together
SC = Single Crochet
Sl St = Slip Stitch

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