18 December 2010

Kitchen Candles

Try as I might, I can't identify when I fell in love with devotional candles. I guess it was long before my First Communion. The gorgeous display of red and clear glass full of wax burning all at once in church stole my imagination. The flickering flames lit for special devotions and memories of loved ones conjured such thoughts in me that I thought they must all be saints and that they were all there to protect me.

Then I discovered these wonderful specialty devotionals. The first one I bought was the glass Our Lady of Guadalupe on the right. After that followed La Mano Poderosa, Saint Dymphna, Saint Michael and even the Santisima Muerte. They line the kitchen shelves my Dad made for my first apartment. I had no storage space, so he decided that I should display my food and staples.

Long since needing such storage, and seven residences later, the shelves still store popcorn and some other dry goods, but they are mainly there for my candles and other treasures. Those treasures include the memories of my Dad, the good times and friends in the other living spaces, the good and bad times gone by and all the saints who are still there to protect me.


  1. It's a wonderful collection of memories and lights.

  2. Thanks, Anne, the candles are 3 deep - and extend over to the left another 3 or 4 candles or so! I should have mentioned that!