31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Now, of course we know that it's too late to order these fun items for the New Year - but wouldn't the bleigiessen be fun for any celebration of change: birthdays, retirements, wedding showers - even divorces! Or, even any time that you just might want to tell a fortune or two or three. And the Blasrohre for just about any time!

Bleigiessen - Fortune Telling Tradition
We just love the different traditions throughout the world. New Year's Bleigie├čen is the Austrian and German custom of pouring molten lead into water and reading the results as though they were tea leaves - so that you can foretell your next year. When the hot lead touches the water, curious shapes are formed.
Reading the shapes a big chunk of the fun - it's almost like reading the clouds in the sky! For example, if you find a ship or boat, perhaps you are destined for a long journey, probably by sea.

Because these contain lead, there are some safety procedures to follow - but they're included with your package. And children should never play with products involving flame or heat like this!

Blasrohre (Blow-Pipes) for Celebrations
Fun for Oktoberfest, New Year's Eve, Birthdays and more, these cardboard paper blowpipes allow you to shoot soft fabric balls in the air for a festive time! Three pipes and 45 balls are included in this fun German package.

Of course, this is not suitable for children under 3 due to swallowable parts. And, please, don't aim at humans or animals!

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