11 December 2010

Captain Miaow - Bummi

This is Captain Miaow, the pirate. We fell in love with this postcard and have been selling it on SilverCrowCreations since October 14, 2009. He's a pretty popular guy, indeed. Just recently we came to find that his real name is Bummi.

We received a lovely email from the photographer, Cora-Mae and her 6-year-old male cat, Bummi. Bummi and Cora-Mae are both from Germany - as is the company that publishes the card. We are told that the true caption should be: Käpt'n Silver.

They wished us here at SilverCrow "nice days auf allen sieben Katzenmeeren (of all seven cat seas). And, we wish them and you the same.

Kapitän Silver (aka, Captain Miaow & Bummi) is available on our website.

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