29 December 2010

The Bath - SilverCrow Style - Part 1

We've always had a utilitarian bath with appropriate décor, a nice shower curtain, bath mat and towels. But, when we finally moved to SilverCrow's new location, we had to renovate the two bathrooms and here's a bit of what we did. 

Our wonderful sink is traditional Talavera pottery made for a modern bathroom - well, almost! And the tin an Talavera tile mirror fits in nicely. We bought a plain, small (so it would fit) wooden vanity at Lowe's. All of the bathroom fixtures are from Beacon Supply in Belle Vernon, PA - a local business. 

Now the marble top is another story altogether! Of course, I had to make this harder than it needed to be - I wanted special marble. So, our grandson, Bobby (now 14, he was 10 at the time) and I made a trip to Pittsburgh Marble & Granite Company on the South Side of Pittsburgh. Bobby and I were treated like royalty and were shown lots of different pieces of marble and granite and other hard stone. We were lucky to be able to use a scrap from another job which saved us a lot! Just look at the gorgeous piece of marble that Bobby chose! I thought that it really didn't match, but I had already told him that he could choose, so.... And it was perfect!

My Mom just loved the toilet seat - made of acrylic and shells! The décor is pink flamingo, Mexican folk art, shells, vintage paint by number and framed greeting cards and advertisements.

We found a wonderful used claw-foot bathtub at Construction Junction (Pittsburgh's non-profit recycle/reuse construction company). Gypsy thinks the tub is hers. 

More to come....


  1. Wow, good job, looks nice!

  2. Thanks, Liz - Wait till you see Gypsy's private area...I need to take some pictures and explain.

  3. Lovely! Gypsy seems to have taken over, though.