20 August 2010

Timing is Everything

We were planning to have our sale last Friday through the weekend - that is - Friday the 13th! But, just like every other day, life got in our way!

We've been planning a replacement for our main computer for some time now, but, of course, it needed intensive care most of last week. Our new security software seems to have totally disrupted it's life. So, after a lot of re-organizing our work habits to avoid the problems, we finally got things working well on Tuesday - after the sale. So, we had to scrap our original Friday the 13th plan. Couldn't really do that on the 17th!

So, we decided to move our Back-to-School Sale up into August. After all, all the kids around here go back to school on Monday - whatever happened to after Labor Day!?!

So, after some copying and pasting, we realized that we didn't even make the sale a whole 2 days! So, that's why we're extending it. We didn't even get all the cool new (and vintage) stuff up on the site in time. So, I'm going to add a few more items tonight and try to get some more on tomorrow! So, keep watching.

So, there's still time to save 30% on all on-line orders (see Omar's Features for the entire scoop) using Discount Code SCHOOL. Offer valid through 8/31/2010.

Some of the New Stuff coming in the next few days:

BERGEON CORKED TUBES These tubes are pretty cool. We couldn't really tell if they were plastic or glass. The look and feel like glass, but the tops lead us to believe otherwise. In any case, they're pretty neat. Inside most of them, you'll find watch parts called rollers - just a few tiny pieces. Great for your assemblages and altered art.

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE MILAGRO Lots of folks have asked for more affordable decorative milagros. We have quite a few in sterling silver, but here 's a more moderately priced nickel milagro - it offers some of the shine of silver, without the cost of sterling!

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