28 August 2010


We just got back from the glorious Greek Food Festival at Saint Spyridon's Orthodox Church in Monessen, PA. The food was superb, the lines were long (as they should be for such culinary delights) - but, they moved so quickly that we barely had decided what we wanted by the time we reached the actual food. The stuffed tomato, pastitsio, spanakopita, rice, salad...everything was wonderful.

But, nothing compares with the loukamades. These are the reason that I love Greek food. Now, I have to wait another year for the next festival. You see, I cannot make these myself. Oh, I am perfectly capable of making the dough, deep frying it, heating the honey and sprinkling on the cinnamon.

But, I am not capable of offering these delights to anyone else. I would eat the entire batch. In fact, once, so many years ago on the North Side of Pittsburgh, a co-worker and good friend, Dale and I bought the big bucket of Loukamades - there were dozens - coated with hot delicious honey and sprinkled so gently with cinnamon. And Dale and I ate them all - at lunchtime - and attempted to work that afternoon.

I missed you, Dale, at dinner - maybe next year!

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  1. Annie,

    It's so nice of you to remember me, even if it is for having a nearly gluttonous appetite for loukamades. I'm glad that the Greek Food Festivals happen only a few times a year or I might not fit through the door.

    Let me know the next time you want to split a bucket of honey-coated-doughballs-from-Heaven and we'll try to arrange it.

    Hope you're doing well.