22 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Grayson! Presents, Presidents & Peanuts!

Grayson, our middle grandson, turned 9 on Wednesday. The family party was today. He's a giant Lego fan, a Wii gamer and a voracious reader - and, of course, he loves money, too! And he got a little bit of everything he likes.

Grandpa (Pete) and Annie were told today that our presents are complicated and sometimes hard to understand. We still don't know why. We always try to put a theme together. This time it was the White House, the Presidents and USA Government. We found the coolest White House Lego Set on Amazon. along with a gift card, a couple of mystery novels about Washington, DC and a wonderful Eyewitness Book about the Presidents.

We were informed about our confusing status right before he was about to open his gifts. So, we tried to make it a bit better for him. So, first, he opened the Eyewitness Book.
But, first we asked him to find President Jimmy Carter in the book. Smart kid that he is, he went right to the Table of Contents. (I, on the other hand, would've paged through the whole book until I found him.) Right smack dab in the middle of the Jimmy Carter page was Grayson's confusing gift. A Smiling Peanut - the symbol used in President Carter's campaign back in 1976 - the President was always smiling and grew up on a Peanut Farm! It was featured on Jimmy Carter's page in the book. And now Grayson had one, too!

The charm looked new (it is new old stock) and Grayson was delighted with it and even wore it around his neck for fun. He thought it should look a bit older because it had weathered so many years.

I just can't tell you how pleased we were that he loved everything from everyone - nothing is more fun than a happy boy on his birthday! But we revel in absolute delight at his enjoying that simple confusing gift - and especially how much fun and information came from that little smiling peanut charm!

In fact, I've started to memorize the names of the Presidents in order - something I've wanted to do since my college days. I knew the first 6 only this morning. Now, thanks to a plastic peanut and a great kid, I know 11 in a row tonight.

***Thanks to Sandy, one of our customers, for identifying the peanut for us! We just thought it was a silly peanut***

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