19 August 2010

Great Stuff for Sale from our Customers - Using SilverCrow's Stuff!!!

Send us your pictures and your links and we'll try to post them for you. We absolutely LOVE these pictures. And, now it's just so much easier for us to post everything.

You can find these great little mini shrines in BethamayArts Etsy Store. She made them with our sliding matchboxes - you can find them and other bags and boxes on SilverCrow's Bags & Boxes page.

This one's from Snizzers & Gwoo - she no longer has it in her store, but we love it! She made it with our Small Papier Mâché Mannequin (no longer available).

And how wonderful!!!! Mel wrote the instructions for us, too:
  1. Prepare the mannequin with any paint or other color (crayon, chalk, etc., but I prefer acrylic paint for its ease).
  2. Start with the "skirt" first - I usually pick tissue paper or cocktail napkins as the "fabric", because those are both so light and make it easy to layer, if you want.  But if you're accomplished, you could definitely use a lightweight fabric like cotton!  Work your way up to the waist, being careful to join "seams" of the pattern (if there is a pattern) of your paper.
  3. The bodice comes next - I like to work in a solid color, because it's easier to work around the, ahem, "bumps".  :D  Experiment with necklines!  Some I leave as a regular V-neck or turtleneck but some I edge with ribbon or tatting.  To me, the experimentation is the best part, and your imagination is the only limit!
  4. The last thing I do is add the accessories.  I've made tiny necklaces out of beading wire and beads, or just a ribbon choker.  For the belt and buckle, I usually use ribbons and vintage belt buckles but I've also attached the ribbon with vintage flowers and pins (the mannequins are hollow, so you can carefully punch a tiny hole with an awl!).  To keep these guys in place, I've found that TINY amounts of fabric glue (for the ribbon) and bead glue (for the accessories) works best.
  5. And voila!  You have yourself a fun new addition to your home decor!
Mel says she thinks these look great on a shelf with other pieces, or if you have a "girlie" bathroom you could place her on your counter or back of the toilet, decorated to match the rest of the room!  :D  Remember - your imagination is the palette - go CRAZY!  :D"

And don't forget Anne's gorgeous Dead Fairy from our Dead Fairy Kit (on the Kits page). She and her daughter made these a while ago. We LOVE them! We love making them, too! Fast, easy, fun - or make them more complicated with extra supplies. Click here for the whole story. And the Lone Baker's Dead Fairy Cupcakes are to die for! 

And, just a little bit ago, Ann sent us a picture of her stunning beaded angel matchbox using our 3d Lenticular Angel Stickers. This cute 3d Angel Sticker is available with all the other 3d stuff on our Lenticulars page.


  1. I love seeing what other people are doing; it gives me an excuse to buy more cool stuff from you.

  2. Thanks for using my mannequin in your post! :D I LOVE your store and I always find such wonderful goodies whenever I visit! :D