28 August 2010


We just got back from the glorious Greek Food Festival at Saint Spyridon's Orthodox Church in Monessen, PA. The food was superb, the lines were long (as they should be for such culinary delights) - but, they moved so quickly that we barely had decided what we wanted by the time we reached the actual food. The stuffed tomato, pastitsio, spanakopita, rice, salad...everything was wonderful.

But, nothing compares with the loukamades. These are the reason that I love Greek food. Now, I have to wait another year for the next festival. You see, I cannot make these myself. Oh, I am perfectly capable of making the dough, deep frying it, heating the honey and sprinkling on the cinnamon.

But, I am not capable of offering these delights to anyone else. I would eat the entire batch. In fact, once, so many years ago on the North Side of Pittsburgh, a co-worker and good friend, Dale and I bought the big bucket of Loukamades - there were dozens - coated with hot delicious honey and sprinkled so gently with cinnamon. And Dale and I ate them all - at lunchtime - and attempted to work that afternoon.

I missed you, Dale, at dinner - maybe next year!

25 August 2010

White House Construction Completed Ahead of Schedule

Teddy Roosevelt made it official - the place where the President of the United States resides is known as The White House. And, according to a bunch of internet sites, it takes about 570 gallons of white paint to cover the exterior. (Can't help but wonder if the number of gallons would change with the color of paint).

Well, it only took Grayson a few hours to make his 560-piece Lego White House - of course, he didn't have to paint it!

Grayson received this for his birthday, along with some other interesting stuff. Here's the blog link.

23 August 2010

Controversial Phrases

While doing research on the internet (sometimes a good idea - often not), I came upon the following advice:


I asked Pete what he thought of that - he said it was negative. Without thinking, I decided it was positive. Now, after thinking about it, I'm sure it's positive - even if the original author didn't mean it that way.

It is so easy to get irritated, distracted, or just plain tired of it all - to just want to blow it all up and start over...or worse yet - to end it all. Now, of course, one phrase won't help anyone with disastrous problems, clinical depression or a lifetime of strife. But, for those moments when someone annoys us, this might be a good reminder to save that grenade for something much more serious - and to have faith that it never arrives.

22 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Grayson! Presents, Presidents & Peanuts!

Grayson, our middle grandson, turned 9 on Wednesday. The family party was today. He's a giant Lego fan, a Wii gamer and a voracious reader - and, of course, he loves money, too! And he got a little bit of everything he likes.

Grandpa (Pete) and Annie were told today that our presents are complicated and sometimes hard to understand. We still don't know why. We always try to put a theme together. This time it was the White House, the Presidents and USA Government. We found the coolest White House Lego Set on Amazon. along with a gift card, a couple of mystery novels about Washington, DC and a wonderful Eyewitness Book about the Presidents.

We were informed about our confusing status right before he was about to open his gifts. So, we tried to make it a bit better for him. So, first, he opened the Eyewitness Book.
But, first we asked him to find President Jimmy Carter in the book. Smart kid that he is, he went right to the Table of Contents. (I, on the other hand, would've paged through the whole book until I found him.) Right smack dab in the middle of the Jimmy Carter page was Grayson's confusing gift. A Smiling Peanut - the symbol used in President Carter's campaign back in 1976 - the President was always smiling and grew up on a Peanut Farm! It was featured on Jimmy Carter's page in the book. And now Grayson had one, too!

The charm looked new (it is new old stock) and Grayson was delighted with it and even wore it around his neck for fun. He thought it should look a bit older because it had weathered so many years.

I just can't tell you how pleased we were that he loved everything from everyone - nothing is more fun than a happy boy on his birthday! But we revel in absolute delight at his enjoying that simple confusing gift - and especially how much fun and information came from that little smiling peanut charm!

In fact, I've started to memorize the names of the Presidents in order - something I've wanted to do since my college days. I knew the first 6 only this morning. Now, thanks to a plastic peanut and a great kid, I know 11 in a row tonight.

***Thanks to Sandy, one of our customers, for identifying the peanut for us! We just thought it was a silly peanut***

21 August 2010

More from Our Customers - Four Leaf Clover Necklace


Check out this stunning I Feel Lucky Necklace by Paula of VeyCourtCottage fame on Etsy. She used our Four-Leaf Clovers available in SilverCrow's Etsy Store and on SilverCrow's website. Is this gorgeous or what?

20 August 2010

Timing is Everything

We were planning to have our sale last Friday through the weekend - that is - Friday the 13th! But, just like every other day, life got in our way!

We've been planning a replacement for our main computer for some time now, but, of course, it needed intensive care most of last week. Our new security software seems to have totally disrupted it's life. So, after a lot of re-organizing our work habits to avoid the problems, we finally got things working well on Tuesday - after the sale. So, we had to scrap our original Friday the 13th plan. Couldn't really do that on the 17th!

So, we decided to move our Back-to-School Sale up into August. After all, all the kids around here go back to school on Monday - whatever happened to after Labor Day!?!

So, after some copying and pasting, we realized that we didn't even make the sale a whole 2 days! So, that's why we're extending it. We didn't even get all the cool new (and vintage) stuff up on the site in time. So, I'm going to add a few more items tonight and try to get some more on tomorrow! So, keep watching.

So, there's still time to save 30% on all on-line orders (see Omar's Features for the entire scoop) using Discount Code SCHOOL. Offer valid through 8/31/2010.

Some of the New Stuff coming in the next few days:

BERGEON CORKED TUBES These tubes are pretty cool. We couldn't really tell if they were plastic or glass. The look and feel like glass, but the tops lead us to believe otherwise. In any case, they're pretty neat. Inside most of them, you'll find watch parts called rollers - just a few tiny pieces. Great for your assemblages and altered art.

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE MILAGRO Lots of folks have asked for more affordable decorative milagros. We have quite a few in sterling silver, but here 's a more moderately priced nickel milagro - it offers some of the shine of silver, without the cost of sterling!

19 August 2010

Great Stuff for Sale from our Customers - Using SilverCrow's Stuff!!!

Send us your pictures and your links and we'll try to post them for you. We absolutely LOVE these pictures. And, now it's just so much easier for us to post everything.

You can find these great little mini shrines in BethamayArts Etsy Store. She made them with our sliding matchboxes - you can find them and other bags and boxes on SilverCrow's Bags & Boxes page.

This one's from Snizzers & Gwoo - she no longer has it in her store, but we love it! She made it with our Small Papier Mâché Mannequin (no longer available).

And how wonderful!!!! Mel wrote the instructions for us, too:
  1. Prepare the mannequin with any paint or other color (crayon, chalk, etc., but I prefer acrylic paint for its ease).
  2. Start with the "skirt" first - I usually pick tissue paper or cocktail napkins as the "fabric", because those are both so light and make it easy to layer, if you want.  But if you're accomplished, you could definitely use a lightweight fabric like cotton!  Work your way up to the waist, being careful to join "seams" of the pattern (if there is a pattern) of your paper.
  3. The bodice comes next - I like to work in a solid color, because it's easier to work around the, ahem, "bumps".  :D  Experiment with necklines!  Some I leave as a regular V-neck or turtleneck but some I edge with ribbon or tatting.  To me, the experimentation is the best part, and your imagination is the only limit!
  4. The last thing I do is add the accessories.  I've made tiny necklaces out of beading wire and beads, or just a ribbon choker.  For the belt and buckle, I usually use ribbons and vintage belt buckles but I've also attached the ribbon with vintage flowers and pins (the mannequins are hollow, so you can carefully punch a tiny hole with an awl!).  To keep these guys in place, I've found that TINY amounts of fabric glue (for the ribbon) and bead glue (for the accessories) works best.
  5. And voila!  You have yourself a fun new addition to your home decor!
Mel says she thinks these look great on a shelf with other pieces, or if you have a "girlie" bathroom you could place her on your counter or back of the toilet, decorated to match the rest of the room!  :D  Remember - your imagination is the palette - go CRAZY!  :D"

And don't forget Anne's gorgeous Dead Fairy from our Dead Fairy Kit (on the Kits page). She and her daughter made these a while ago. We LOVE them! We love making them, too! Fast, easy, fun - or make them more complicated with extra supplies. Click here for the whole story. And the Lone Baker's Dead Fairy Cupcakes are to die for! 

And, just a little bit ago, Ann sent us a picture of her stunning beaded angel matchbox using our 3d Lenticular Angel Stickers. This cute 3d Angel Sticker is available with all the other 3d stuff on our Lenticulars page.

15 August 2010

Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man 1961

I still love this song ... and Ricky Nelson! I used to dance in the dining room with my Dad - around the dinner table - he was one good dancer - I wasn't!