18 July 2010

Lenticular Angel Matchbox

Just look at this wonderful matchbox that Ann Beck sent to us! She used our lenticular angel postcard stickers (you can find them on our Lenticulars (Winky) Page). She used a Mexican matchbox, but others will work nicely, too. But the glorious beadwork is what makes it especially gorgeous.

Lenticulars are hard to capture in a still photo, but this picture shows the two of the images moving slightly.

Aren't we the lucky ones, though? We get to find the cool stuff and then wonderful customers like Ann show us their possibilities! Thanks, so much, Ann!

17 July 2010

Dad's in Heaven with Nixon

I watched the end of this movie this morning - the second half, that is. Pete came in about 20 minutes after I started watching. We ran late because of it. And, that was just fine.

This exquisite movie is the story of Chris Murray and his art and his life. He is autistic. His brother, Tommy, made this movie about him. I have DVRed it so that I can watch the beginning.

Please check it out! Here's the movie's website: http://www.inheavenmovie.com. Here's a link to his art: http://www.justfolk.com/murray_detail.html.

13 July 2010

Where does the time go? Email!

Everyday, we get up earlier than the day before - or so it seems! And, we still don't finish what we started out to accomplish. Things should be much faster with all the technology available, but they're not. Sometimes, they slow us down - we're open to suggestions to speed ourselves up.

EMAIL Today's email held over 1,300 separate emails for us. Most of those were SPAM, but we must sift through them or else we just might miss something important. We have a SPAM filter - in fact, we use 3 of them, and the programs do help us sort through things - but then, every once in a while, there's a glitch - and ALL our email is read twice or three times. Two days ago, it went through everything 9 times - no kidding!

We've been around a long time and lots of folks recognize our email address, so we don't want to change it, but geeeeezzz, why does it have to be so hard. When people tell us they read their email on their smart phones, I picture my smart phone (if I had one) blowing up in my hands!

WEB UPDATES Other things take longer than they should, too. When we add new items to SilverCrow's Website, we have to manually add each one to every page - that's because we've been online since 1997 - and we created our own - there weren't a lot of e-commerce programs out there. Pete's converting everything - he has 2,203 items already added and we have a preliminary design, too. We can't wait. We think this will allow us to spend lots more time finding new stuff and making samples and lots more features for everyone.

TELEPHONE Sometimes our telephone rings off the hook - with Telephone SPAM. We sign up for all of those programs to prevent sales calls, but they don't really work.

ENOUGH COMPLAINING Now, we don't want to say that we don't love technology - we wouldn't even have a business if we didn't! So, we're keeping calm and carrying on (pretty popular saying right now, so we thought we'd borrow it!

WHAT'S COMING? More new stuff, of course. More sales, of course. Two projects from customers and a Shrine Contest. We have everything worked out for it except uploading images. As soon as I figure that out, we'll start the contest.