05 May 2010

Some of Our Stuff on Famous People!

We were watching the movie, Sunshine Cleaning Company, the other evening and thought something looked familiar on Emily Blunt, but little did we realize it was familiar because we sell it! Earlier today, we ran out of a few products and had to place an order for some additional necklaces. Classic Hardware, famous for being on Sex and the City and because Paris Hilton has a few pieces, listed the other exciting places that their stuff can be seen. And, that's where we saw Emily Blunt wearing the Story Box Swallow Necklace. We actually have a couple of different ones available, but we moved that one to the top.

Another of their wonderful necklaces has been seen on Megan Joy, an American Idol finalist. That's the Fly Lightly Necklace (that's in two styles, too).

We have tons of necklaces, so, if you decide to visit our Necklace page, be sure to scroll all the way down as there are lots of styles all mixed up! 

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