14 May 2010

SilverCrowCreations.com & Zenith Staplers on Martha Stewart's Blog

Wow! We heard it was coming and then we missed it! Today we were Googling ourselves, and much to our amazement - there we were - on Martha's Blog! Wow!

We've been huge fans of Zenith Staplers for a long time and just recently we have formed a new relationship with the wonderful Italian company that makes them, Balma, Capoduri & C. s.p.a. Look for more staplers, staples, removers and lots of other cool new stuff soon. Right now, we have all of the staplers Martha featured as well as many others.

We use the wonderful Zenith 590 Stapler pictured in the advertisement every day! In fact, I've been using the same one daily for almost 10 years and it shows no wear whatsoever! We love all the models, but this one is lightweight and easy on the hands and the staples are only 6mm wide, making them perfect for tons of craft, sewing, art and other applications.

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  1. yay! and congrats... how fun.. nice blog by the way!.. robin