02 April 2010


April Fool's Day + One. I try to ignore April first because my wonderful grandmother, Katherine Adele Heupel Schempp, died on April 1, 1977. She never knew that I finally got a great job at Alcoa; got married to my very special husband, Pete; or moved back to Donora.

My Dad was her only child and was he ever her darling! She once made me answer the back door because she thought it was a burglar and she didn't want her Billy to have any trouble. I was 19 at the time.

Because I was Daddy's only child, I was the next best thing to him! I was adored by Mummer and Poppy (my grandfather) every moment I knew them. We were BFFs for sure. Daddy loved jazz an "the brushes". Here we are: Mummer, Daddy and I - on Daddy's 44th birthday. Just look at that Hi-Fi!

Mummer was a pianist extraordinaire, having graduated from Professor Little's School of Music in Beaver, Pennsylvania, with a gold medal. She felt sorry for me because, as she said, "poor little thing, she knows all the notes and all the words, and she just has no talent". If only she were wrong! But, that still doesn't stop me from singing and playing my only piano piece, Moon River.

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Mummer-Rubber-Stamp_p_9000.html#.VRB5uOEblmMMummer was a gorgeous young girl, growing up in Pittsburgh, Charleroi and Donora. We even made a small rubber stamp (A2229)  from one of her girlhood pictures. Such a haunting yet hopeful look.

We now live and run SilverCrow Creations in what was my grandparent's church. How life circles around. And our roof is leaking! We're waiting for the roofer to appear - he's working downtown on a building that had to have the whole roof torn off and has to replace it before it rains. It is just wonderful living in a small town again.

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