28 April 2010

Making Rope

I love cord and thread and yarn and even wire. And rope, and twine and anything else that can be rolled up into a ball. So when I made this wonderful rope at a Heritage Festival in Ohio, I was delighted. I was so enamored with it that I gave it to my Dad as a gift - he didn't want it because I told him he couldn't use it. But, he kept it anyway.

As we were sifting through my parents' things and deciding what to keep (just about everything), give away (a lot), donate (a lot, too) and sell (hardly anything), I found my rope.

A very old Amish gentleman farmer taught me how to make it with a contraption similar to Leonardo's Rope Machine that we sell on our website. I remember him so distinctly that I can almost see him in his blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up perfectly only once on each arm. He had part of his thumb and forefinger missing on one hand. I asked what happened and he was so surprised that I would ask. Not very many people were so bold, I suppose. He never did answer, which is just fine, because I can create any story I choose.

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