05 April 2010

Easter Dinner with Aunt Betty & Uncle Harold

Aunt Betty always calls Uncle Harold, Hal. And, I always forget that. She and Uncle Harold (as I know him) took Pete and me out for Easter Dinner yesterday and was it ever wonderful. I only wish I had taken more pictures.

We went to Mitchell's Fish Market at the Waterfront in Pittsburgh. What an old world experience! We sat outside on that glorious afternoon that was yesterday - along the Monongahela River. There is a well-traveled walking trail right along the edge of the river bank. Lovers, friends, dogs and bikers wandered by and some even stopped to contemplate the Homestead Grey's Bridge, named for the famous African-American baseball team of the early 20th century.

Our dinner was delightful. Pete & Aunt Betty had the broiled scallops; Uncle Harold a seafood sampler; and I had the extremely tasty blackened rainbow trout.

I ordered a "shareable" carrot cake for dessert - it could have been shared by the entire restaurant, as you can see.

My dear Mom's little sister, Aunt Betty (now 89), has made every holiday a great deal nicer for us since my Mom and Dad are no longer with us. Thanks, Aunt Betty and Uncle Hal!

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  1. My Uncle Harold died yesterday, at age 85. I hope he's dancing with my Mom while Daddy plays the drums with brushes.