19 March 2010

SPAM, Email, Communication ... and Banana Splits:

When we first started SilverCrow Creations back in 1997, we were so annoyed when we couldn't find a phone number or an email address on other websites. So - bravely, we put ours right out there for everyone -right at the top of the page.

So, you can imagine the number of SPAMs we receive. Sometimes the SPAM checkers work and sometimes they don't. That means we get TONS of Viagra emails and requests for friendships from afar, but we also miss some important emails from our customers.

So, if you write and we don't answer, please write again.

Sometimes, we're just a bit slower in answering our messages - either because of a sale generating a lot of orders (we hope!) or because sometimes life just gets in the way.

There are doctor's appointments, dog food runs, family emergencies of every sort. It's surprising how long some seemingly little things take - folding the laundry, changing the kitty litter. Of course, you know what we mean, don't you!?

Then there are other things that we miss doing: visiting with friends that aren't here (phone, email and Facebook just aren't the same), seeing our parents who aren't with us, and getting a banana split!

Very few people know how to make a banana split. Pinky's Drug Store here in Donora had the best one! We know because we've had banana splits in about 10 countries and almost every state that we've visited. Here's the right way:

  1. Slice a banana in half lengthwise. Place one half on either side of the banana split dish (better to be glass than plastic, for sure!).
  2. Add three GIANT scoops of top-quality ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.
  3. Smother the Vanilla with Pineapple Sauce, the Chocolate with Strawberry Sauce and the Strawberry with Hershey's Syrup (here's the only acceptable substitution: hot fudge and hot carmel - together - can replace the chocolate sauce).
  4. Add a huge dollop of REAL Whipped Cream to the top of each scoop.
  5. Sprinkle salted nuts over the whipped cream.
  6. Add a maraschino cherry to EVERY whipped cream cloud.
  7. Serve with an iced tea spoon and tons of napkins

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I remeber our frequent trips to downtown Donora to all of the different drugstores when we used to love to run errands for our parents and treat ourselves to a coke and a pretzel log or the occassional milkshake, sundae or banana split. We had some good times back then. Thanks for being such a good friend, such great memories!