19 March 2010

Missing Pittsburgh

We used to live in Squirrel Hill - a lovely part of Pittsburgh, PA.

Yesterday, we had to return for an appointment - and oh, how it changed in just a few years. More banks - why are there so many banks? None of them want to part with money. I guess they just want to make it easier for all of us to give them money.

There are new restaurants and some new shops. But many of our old favorites have gone! What we really loved was being able to walk to 2 movie theatres - now we have to drive at least 11 miles to one!!!

And both the Squirrel Hill Theatre and the Manor Theatre offer specialty movies - documentaries, shorts and art movies. We sure wish they were closer!

One thing that hasn't changed is Pittsburgh's gorgeous skyline. If you've never been to Pittsburgh and still imagine it as a grimy old industrial town, you'd be pleasantly surprised.

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