16 March 2010

Every Holiday - All Year Long (Be Prepared)

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Dried-and-Pressed-Real-Four-Leaf-Clover_p_2899.html#.VRB_a-EblmMWe celebrate every holiday here all year long. I guess we really don't celebrate the holidays, or, we'd be too busy to work. But, what we do is carry products for as many holidays as we can all year long. We do this because we know lots of our customers are artists who create their gifts and decorations. And, there are also lots of folks who prepare for everything (not just holidays) early - every year.

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Happee-Merree-Christmas-Pack--VINTAGE-Christmas-Seals-and-Tags-in-Original-Package_p_11255.htmlMy mom (how I miss her), started Christmas shopping the day after Christmas - not necessarily because of the sales - but because she loved being prepared. - Just in case.

She used to collect catalogs. When I was a little girl, it was the Sears, Penney's and Montgomery Wards catalogs. As I grew older, she added Lillian Vernon, Joan Cook, LL Bean, Orvis, Walter Drake. And in recent years: Anthropologie, Sundance, J. Jill, Territory Ahead and more like that. She would have me mark everything that I liked - even if it be out of range price-wise. That way, she could guarantee that I'd like mike gifts. She'd have me mark these catalogs year round. So, by the time a holiday rolled around, I'd forget what I marked and it would be a surprise!

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Vintage-Mini-Woven-Wooden-Easter-Basket-with-Silken-Ribbon_p_2543.html#.VRB_r-EblmMShe also learned more about me as we lived apart - seeing how my tastes changed. When my Mom died last year, I found a bunch of my circled pages in an envelope. She must have kept them to remember me as a little girl, teenager, young adult - and eventually the middle aged woman that was her friend as well as her daughter.

Pete was even roped into this behavior. He was easy to harness, and he especially enjoyed Territory Ahead, Coldwater Creek (when they had the wonderful men's shirts!) and Banana Republic when it was still a very special store with odd clothing and accoutrements - before it went corporate!

SilverCrow Creations doesn't have a catalog and unfortunately the wish-list thing is too hard for me to program, so maybe an old-fashioned, hand-written list would be best if you wanted to do the same thing with us (we hope you do).

So, no matter what holiday or holidays you celebrate, we hope you find something you love on our website. Everything we sell tickles us in one way or another. If you think we are missing something, be sure to let us know - we'll try hard to find it!

(Crow Valentine is no longer available.)

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