27 March 2010

Coming Soon & Things We Forgot About - Some Still Available

For the last few days, we've been trying desperately to add the tons of new stuff we have to SilverCrow's website - the pictures are finished, but I'm the bottleneck as usual. There are too many projects and life just keeps getting in our way.

We also realized that there are tons of things we have that some folks (including us) have totally forgotten. So, we're going to try to show some of them and give you an idea of where and how we find stuff. Yeah, sure. Well, honest, we'll try.

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Souvenir-from-the-Seaside-Paperweight-by-Carolyn-Whitaker_p_7432.html#.VRB7MeEblmMVintage-Style Paperweights - We have tons of papers around here - too many, in fact. Pete says that the Paperless Society has generated more paper - everyone's afraid to keep it on a hard drive. And it's so easy to lose a flash drive or to "un-organize" CDs an DVDs, so we print everything out. Sometimes we file the stuff, but mostly, we just stack it according to size. So, to make it look wonderful, we decided to collect paperweights. 

We have all of my grandmother's antique ones as well a s a few modern ones. But we were truly taken by the nostalgic quality of this wonderful Souvenir from the Seaside paperweight. If only life were as simple as it was then....

Exclusive Retablos (no longer available) - The Venerable Librada Orozco Santa Cruz founded the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge in Mexico. Not much is know about Santa Librada, but, she is often deemed a saint even though she has not yet been canonized. She has become known as a Patron of Women.We loved this signed print by a Santa Fe artist - we bought several - but, we're ashamed to say that we can't remember the artist's name. The signature appears to be Peren. But, we can't be sure. To accent the wonderful print, we hand painted our own frame and added milagros. We absolutely love these. We only have a few of Santa Librada and a few of San Antonio, the Patron of Lost Items.

Not Your Grandma's Mood Beads - We love the new mirage beads that change with your mood - or at least with your body chemistry in one way or another. When my Mom was in the hospital, she wore a mirage bracelet every day (and a mirage ring (no longer available)) - we used to marvel at the changes when she had a test or an IV or a visitor that she loved (or, indeed didn't care for). She would have loved these new Persian Beauty Mirage Beads (other beads available, these are not) that we just found.  We have a few other styles awaiting their debut as well.

We know we have tons of stuff at SilverCrow - that's why we enjoy it so. But, we almost forget about some of the stuff until someone orders one. These are a few of our favorites:

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Wind-Up-Critter_p_8819.html#.VRB9qOEblmM Wind-Up Toys - The old tin wind-up toys are the best! We always had them under our Christmas tree - ones from when Daddy was only 2 or 3 years old - around 1920! But the newer ones are pretty cool, too - especially the strange ones, like our classic Critter - we've had him around since back in the 1990s when SilverCrow first started. And, then there is Carmen - our spinning Tin Ballerina (sold out) - what a beauty and it's hard to believe that she even works, but she does! 

Ephemera Packs - Valerie just finished making a few new
 Jumbo Ephemera Packs. Next to our rubber stamps, these were once our most popular item. The packs come in three sizes - Small (10 or more pieces), Large (30+ pieces) and Jumbo (over 100 pieces). You might find anything in these large plastic sleeves.Check out the woman with the cow. We can't even remember where we found most of our old papers and pictures. Of course, we bought some, but we also have been pleasantly surprised over the years when someone is discarding what we know to be a future treasure for our collage and assemblage customers!

We still sell a lot of them, but no one has more fun than we do looking through the gigantic boxes full of papers, photos, signs, labels, pins, badges, scraps, book pages, maps, music, ... than we do. We used to do these as a team - sometimes my Mom or Dad would help out, too, but we stopped that, because we would find ourselves talking about the individual pieces - almost as though they were our own scrapbook pieces. Isn't it funny how someone else's memories might be your own as well?  Or maybe the world has a collective memory? What do you think?

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