29 March 2010

Back In Stock - Sorry No Longer Available

Over the last few days, I've added a bunch of stuff that is back in stock. We even found something we thought was no longer available our Squeaky Venus Bath Toy. The folks who created it no longer carry it or our other bath toy - Squeaky David.

Just imagine such artwork and a wonderful warm bubble bath. So much better than a rubber ducky (or, is it).

We're sorry, but these are sold out. The manufacturer discontinued them. Bummer!


  1. Christy Douglass24 May, 2010

    Hi, Christy Douglass here...sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I received your postcard with my last order saying that Pete wasn't doing so well. I hope he's doing better. I have been sending him positive karma and I've been worrying about him. I've had to cut back on my orders since I still can't find a job. And I decided to keep the Mexican band retablo since it's a pain in the butt to send it back via UPS.
    But I still plan to order items from you in the future when things get better here.
    I hope you get this message since I'm not sure how to comment this.
    Your friend,

  2. Anonymous01 July, 2010

    Happy birthday Pete!!! I hope he's doing much better!! I still want to order off of your site, though I still haven't found a job. I have some prospects, so I'll have to wait and see.
    You have the most wonderful site and I definitely want to order more things, especially with the 30% off discount.
    Love to you both,

    P.S. My neighbor's cat, Sam, disappeared a week ago. He was such a wonderful, friendly cat and I'm going crazy without him, even though I still have my wonderful kittys at home. Wish me luck.
    And I will continue to send Pete all the positive karma that I can muster.
    Love you people!!