01 May 2009

Was this ever hard to publish!!!

Our old-fashioned website makes it tedious for us to add new things. But, rest assured, we have tons of new stuff coming. I already have added these new and vintage things. Even more are coming. I actually posted a ton of pictures out here and tried for 2 hours last night to update this blog - now it worked with only 2 pix. I'll try more later!

We just received two big orders of Day of the Dead figures and other fun stuff. And lots of stuff we had ordered for months is finally coming in.

And, shame on me, there are at least 500 products here that I've not added. Even with our sale, things have been slow here, unfortunately, so I have some extra time to add the fun new stuff.

We have a hard time focusing sometimes because we have so very many interests around here. But, isn't that what makes life fun, after all?

We've been really busy making some new kits, too. Some of us have bought some on Etsy to learn to new things. I was never much for a kit, wanting to have everything bought before I even start. But, it's kinda nice to have everything together in one place - and NOT to buy everything - just in case it's not enjoyable.

Please let us know know what kinds of things you're searching for, we might already have them and we'll move them to the front of the list to sell. If we don't have them, we'll help you find them - the best we can.

Well, I could continue to talk, or I could go back to adding new stuff, so that's what I think I'll do!
Thanks for reading. - Look for an OMAR update soon.

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