07 May 2009

Kitty BP

Omar, our big baby tomcat, has no fear. He was once afraid of loud noises like thunder and the vacuum, but no longer. He has been diabetic for many of his 15 years. At least, we think he's only 15. At the shelter, all non-kitten cats were 3. So, that's how we've guessed his age.

His cataracts keep Dr. Bebko, director of The Cat Clinic from being able to check his blood pressure through his eyes, so he had to put that little cuff on Omie's arm and measure it just like we have our blood pressure monitored. It was fine, but we just thought it was kinda funny so we thought we'd share the picture with you.

Omar takes insulin shots twice a day and recently had to change insulins - this is the second time in a few years - they keep discontinuing the type he takes and we have to get him used to the new brand. It's not always the easiest thing to do. High blood pressure is terrible, but when he bottoms out - he almost dies. We've been able to save him several times because we noticed his strange behavior and we used glucose gel (made for humans) to boost his balance and then let the emergency folks do the rest. Thank goodness.

Dr. Bebko has taken care of this wonderful kitty since the day Omar rescued us. Thanks to him and a lot of emergency clinics, we hope he'll be around for quite a while longer. He is our joy.

Incidentally, insulin wasn't his only change lately - he had to change cat foods - he now is eating bison & venison dry food (even though he as so few teeth) - because Flossie, one of our greyhounds, can't eat wheat and, no matter what we do to protect Omar's food, Flossie inevitably finds a way to steal some at least once a week! Poor Omie!


  1. Anonymous07 May, 2009

    He's a very handsome boy. There's nothing like a classic tabby (unless it's a tortie or a calico, my girls remind me).

    I hope Omar is enjoying his high-class bison and venison catfood. It does sound like you lot have your hands full with the high-needs animal family members.

  2. Anonymous12 May, 2009

    He is a handsome fellow! Grey stripey cats are a major weakness of mine. Glad to hear that the Fierce Mr. Omar is doing well, and his new food sounds yummy.