26 May 2009

Dinner for Two Necklace

Dinner for Two - just the sound of it reminds me of old black and white movies, French food and champagne. But doesn't it just depend on the two having dinner. That's why I'm ever so taken by our Dinner for Two Necklace.

We fell in love with the vintage blackbird component and Tanner made it into this wonderful piece with blush crystals, glass grapes and shimmery black chain.

This necklace is sold out! Thanks!

25 May 2009

Etsy Treasury - We're In!

https://www.etsy.com/listing/26790568/vintage-set-of-4-sweetheart-waxed-ice?ref=listings_manager_gridWe made it to an Etsy Treasury - lots and lots of wonderful Ice Cream Treats! These treasuries are lots of fun, but here's our warning: you can get lost for a long time clicking away through Etsy - even on a themed journey. Unfortunately, Etsy removed this treasury.

We have some Vintage Waxed Ice Cream Cups that the Treasury Maestro included.

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/search.asp?keyword=ice+cream+spoon&search=GOWe also have some Vintage Wooden Ice Cream Spoons (but they're not in the treasury). Just click the picture and the link will take you there! We no longer have these spoons, but we have other ice cream spoons.
Actually you can also purchase both of these items on SilverCrowCreations.com. We sometimes include bargain groupings of stuff on Etsy of the same stuff we have on SilverCrowCreations.com, but you never know what might or might not be there! We try to get our one of a kinds there, too!

07 May 2009

Kitty BP

Omar, our big baby tomcat, has no fear. He was once afraid of loud noises like thunder and the vacuum, but no longer. He has been diabetic for many of his 15 years. At least, we think he's only 15. At the shelter, all non-kitten cats were 3. So, that's how we've guessed his age.

His cataracts keep Dr. Bebko, director of The Cat Clinic from being able to check his blood pressure through his eyes, so he had to put that little cuff on Omie's arm and measure it just like we have our blood pressure monitored. It was fine, but we just thought it was kinda funny so we thought we'd share the picture with you.

Omar takes insulin shots twice a day and recently had to change insulins - this is the second time in a few years - they keep discontinuing the type he takes and we have to get him used to the new brand. It's not always the easiest thing to do. High blood pressure is terrible, but when he bottoms out - he almost dies. We've been able to save him several times because we noticed his strange behavior and we used glucose gel (made for humans) to boost his balance and then let the emergency folks do the rest. Thank goodness.

Dr. Bebko has taken care of this wonderful kitty since the day Omar rescued us. Thanks to him and a lot of emergency clinics, we hope he'll be around for quite a while longer. He is our joy.

Incidentally, insulin wasn't his only change lately - he had to change cat foods - he now is eating bison & venison dry food (even though he as so few teeth) - because Flossie, one of our greyhounds, can't eat wheat and, no matter what we do to protect Omar's food, Flossie inevitably finds a way to steal some at least once a week! Poor Omie!

06 May 2009

International Date Line

Today is Seis de Mayo, not quite as exciting as yesterday!
You probably have already guessed that we celebrate with a sale and/or a giveaway. Of course we have other sales and other events...but those are ones you can count on.
Way back at the beginning of SilverCrow - we started in 1997 on-line - someone in Hawaii complained - rightfully so, that the end of the holiday doesn't mean 11:59 pm Eastern Time. So, we now celebrate the holiday until it ends at the International Date Line - giving it 7 or 8 more hours after the end our time (and sometimes a little bit more).

01 May 2009

Was this ever hard to publish!!!

Our old-fashioned website makes it tedious for us to add new things. But, rest assured, we have tons of new stuff coming. I already have added these new and vintage things. Even more are coming. I actually posted a ton of pictures out here and tried for 2 hours last night to update this blog - now it worked with only 2 pix. I'll try more later!

We just received two big orders of Day of the Dead figures and other fun stuff. And lots of stuff we had ordered for months is finally coming in.

And, shame on me, there are at least 500 products here that I've not added. Even with our sale, things have been slow here, unfortunately, so I have some extra time to add the fun new stuff.

We have a hard time focusing sometimes because we have so very many interests around here. But, isn't that what makes life fun, after all?

We've been really busy making some new kits, too. Some of us have bought some on Etsy to learn to new things. I was never much for a kit, wanting to have everything bought before I even start. But, it's kinda nice to have everything together in one place - and NOT to buy everything - just in case it's not enjoyable.

Please let us know know what kinds of things you're searching for, we might already have them and we'll move them to the front of the list to sell. If we don't have them, we'll help you find them - the best we can.

Well, I could continue to talk, or I could go back to adding new stuff, so that's what I think I'll do!
Thanks for reading. - Look for an OMAR update soon.