28 April 2009

New SilverCrow Greyhounds on Etsy and More Markdowns

We found so many people asking about our boy Turbo (we sure miss) him and Flossie & Bo-Bo, and discovered a huge group of people who are looking for greyhound-inspired items - vintage and handmade and supplies for handmade items. So, we split out our greyhound stuff and created a new Etsy site: SilverCrow Greyhounds.

We have some other greyhound things that Etsy doesn't allow, because they do not fit the handmade/vintage/supplies criteria. You can find those mixed amongst our other Dogs stuff.

With the slowing economy, we've been hurting, too. And we've found ourselves looking to buy things on sale for personal and business reasons. So, we're going to pass those savings on to you, too. Every few days, I've been moving things to Bargains. I'm always reluctant to do this because Pete & I love everything we sell and want to continue to over a huge variety.

Because we've gotten some better prices on things, we're lowering everyday prices on lots of items. For a while they'll be in the Bargains section, then we'll just remove them from there and make the sale price the everyday low price.

Unfortunately, some prices have gone up, too. If it's just a little bit, we just forget about that and live with it - no reason to pass it on to you. But sometimes, the change is HUGE and we have to mark stuff up. If you notice there's something you wanted that has gone up in price recently (there are only maybe 10 or 15 that have), please let us know via email and we'll see what we can do for you for a special purchase.

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