23 April 2009

Dead Fairy Kits

And we thought we were just dreaming of faeries and mariposas! Alas, we discovered a sight so strange that many have never beheld such a thing! Out amongst our tulips was a dead faerie! Oh, now don't worry, s/he is still quite fey - still quite the fairy, but just no so alive.

The SilverCrow Dead Fairy Kit (or, Day of the Dead Fairy, if you will) has just about everything you need to create two of your own little fairies! They will stand no more than 2 inches high once you complete them. Each kit arrives with a portrait of our sample. (It is quite well known that it is impossible to photograph live faeries - no matter how tiny your camera!)

After getting our faerie to agree to pose as a model, we created our little sample above. Then, we thought it best to share the fun. So, we added a little kit to SilverCrowCreations.com right before our last sale and was it ever a hit. One of our regular customers, Anne and her daughter Kitty sent a picture of the two they created. They were kind enough to allow us to share theirs (with a few added embellishments of their own). Don't you just love the grass-length glitter-dotted skirts and the sweet rhinestones and flowers!

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