21 March 2009

Devil or Angel?

Anyone familiar with SilverCrow Creations knows how we love the Day of the Dead figurines. This new one that we just added today - CONSCIENCE - is a favorite. Sure, it's fun becuase it represents those conversations inside our heads about right and wrong. But, I truly love this one because of a special set of ceramic figures my Mom & Dad had when I was young. I've been looking for them, but haven't yet found them amongst their treasures. When I do, I'll take a picture.

There was a little angel with (I think) a chenille halo and golden paper wings. If I was a good girl all day, my Mom would set it out on the shelf in the living room for Daddy to see. If, and it was rare, I was naughty, the angel's back would be turned and the devil would be prominent. Now, the devil was sweet looking, too, with a pointed red chenille tail - at least that's how I remember him.

Years later, Joan Rivers sold a pair of Angel-Devil Earrings on QVC and I was delighted to buy them for my Mom. The set had 2 angels and 1 devil. She always wore both angels. I guess I improved with age.

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