21 March 2009

Devil or Angel?

Anyone familiar with SilverCrow Creations knows how we love the Day of the Dead figurines. This new one that we just added today - CONSCIENCE - is a favorite. Sure, it's fun becuase it represents those conversations inside our heads about right and wrong. But, I truly love this one because of a special set of ceramic figures my Mom & Dad had when I was young. I've been looking for them, but haven't yet found them amongst their treasures. When I do, I'll take a picture.

There was a little angel with (I think) a chenille halo and golden paper wings. If I was a good girl all day, my Mom would set it out on the shelf in the living room for Daddy to see. If, and it was rare, I was naughty, the angel's back would be turned and the devil would be prominent. Now, the devil was sweet looking, too, with a pointed red chenille tail - at least that's how I remember him.

Years later, Joan Rivers sold a pair of Angel-Devil Earrings on QVC and I was delighted to buy them for my Mom. The set had 2 angels and 1 devil. She always wore both angels. I guess I improved with age.

15 March 2009

Bittersweet Days are More than OK

Believe it or not, we just couldn't be happy with just one greyhound. Today we adopted Bo-Bo Duke (far right). He's not even 3 years old yet! His racing history is pretty short. He only raced 9 times and in almost every one of those, he bumped into a competitor. He's a pretty good runner, so we think he just wanted to play with the others.

Maybe he's clumsy, but we think he's just friendly. Everyone seems to be getting along. But this is a bittersweet moment for me: a house was never a home for us without animals - lots of them - this is the way my Mom and Dad would have loved it - a life full of confusion and animals. I just wish they could see all three running around in our yard.

And speaking of my Mom - she did most of our packaging for us. She used to joke that she did the work of 3 people and then paid for our lunch! We sure miss her special cutting skills, too. Any of SilverCrow's products that are trimmed neatly were trimmed by Glady. A small sampling of her handiwork is pictured here.

And Daddy was the ephemera-maker, scouring the volumes of books and periodicals for photos and illustrations. Even with macular degeneration, he could spot those pretty eaisily. Then he assembled the base papers for our packages.

Now we have to do all of this ourselves, or, pay people to do it! Don't worry, the price won't go up (my parents would haunt us!)

I'm sad to say that both BoBo Duke and Flossie have crossed the rainbow bridge and are watching over us from heaven.

01 March 2009

Flossie Settles In & You Can STILL Save up to 35%

Our girl, Dolly, and the old man, Omar, have welcomed Flossie to our gang graciously, despite the the fact that Flossie insists that all the food is hers!

That's Flossie in her fleece coat (it's cold here!) and Dolly rolling around in the SilverCrow back yard tonight. I had the worst time with the flash and both dogs had red & white eyes. So, I did my best.

Flossie has already visited the folks in the neighborhood, and she's been on the road to visit her Aunt Betty in the country! She's truly brought joy to all of our lives after the last few months.

Flossie's sale is going on for one more day - through Monday, 2 March 2009 - through all time zones! Save up to 35% on any on-line order. We know that times are tough for everyone, so why not save a bit of money while we celebrate here.

I'm sorry to report that our dear Flossie has crossed the rainbow bridge. She's watching over us from above now.