25 February 2009

Trying-er Times - Hospitals & Turbo & Dolly

The day after Daddy's funeral viewing, Pete was in the hospital. Then - right after my Dad's burial, my Mom, Gladys Balmer Schempp, was rushed to the hospital - probably due to all the stress. That was Friday. On Sunday, 21 December 2009 we had to put our dear Turbo to sleep. See the details in an earlier post.

So, Dolly, came to stay with Omar & me. And, my cousin, Valerie, and my new friend, Tyler, helped me get through the Christmas rush (and after-Christmas rush) of SilverCrow orders. We made a few mistakes, but, thanks to them, we held it together.

After a few weeks, we were able to find someone to rent my parents' home and Dolly and my Mom moved over here with us. Except, the bad news was that Pete was still in the hospital!

We settled in nicely and I sure loved having my Mom here because she's a night owl, too.