25 February 2009

My Worst Fear Realized - My Mom is Gone, too! - Glady

My Mom had just turned 90 on Saturday, January 10. Her only baby sister, Betty, was taken to hospital on Monday, January 12. Pete came home from the hospital the same day!

On January 13, my beautiful, fun and super-talented Mommy died. She had a fainting spell. So, we gathered up her regular hospital stuff (books, puzzles, hearing aids, etc.) and we were off with the 911 paramedic crew. She died in the the Emergency Room at Mon Valley Hospital. She had CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and was in and out of the hospital for tune-ups. We thought this was just another one! It wasn't. How awful. I was devastated - numb - what was happening?

Hardly anyone could believe it - especially me. I should have never spoken aloud my fears, lest they come true - they did.

Another funeral (thanks, Mary Beth!), more people helping. I am still dazed - I haven't even written my thank-you notes yet. But, I will. I promise.

My Mom was the most intelligent person I knew. She was a tough cookie. As Father Michael said in her eulogy, she was "a force to be reckoned with." Everyone laughed because it was absolutely true.

Never was a story told as artfully as when Glady told one. Never was a day more fun than gallivanting with her on shopping trips, sight-seeing, or just visiting. She went on many of my business trips with me in my other (corporate) life and we had such a blast - even went to Mexico and Disneyland, DC and more.

There is way too much for me to write about my beloved Mom and Dad. They were the best friends any kid could want. I was an adopted only child who loved being theirs, never for a minute did I doubt my essence because of the great life they gave me.

During this time, Pete's pneumonia was back and he had to go back to the hospital, Aunt Betty had more traumas (but she's back!) and life went on. Omar had to be rushed to the hospital, too - he's an old cat-man and is diabetic. All this upheaval resulted in low blood sugar. Thanks to Dr. Bebko at the Cat Clinic, I knew what to do - but didn't have time to get there...so the good folks at Valley Vets helped save his life - even made special arrangements for me because of Mommy's funeral.

So, if you've wondered why we're a bit discombobulated at times here at SilverCrow, you now know why. Tyler went back to college. His buddy, Tanner, is now our after-school buddy, and, as always, Valerie is here for us. What would we do without all the wonderful people?

We're almost back to normal. Pete is back up to speed. Omar is well and Dolly is a Dalmatian, so, she's a bit crazy.